Security Tips: InfoStealer

For sometime, I have been posting about some security tips to help us stay safe. Most are from personal experience. One thing was bothering me.
“How these scammers get access to my wallet and steal my #crypto

I started asking questions and this is what I have been able to gather.

I do not know if we have software devs here who can help build some antivirus software for this virus.

The malicious file they use contains an infostealer malware called RedLine

It steals your:

  • Browser data
  • Crypto wallets
  • Files
  • Discord
  • Telegram

Based on what I observed, they don’t have persistence, it only runs once whenever you execute their malicious file

As the saying goes “Prevention is better than cure”

Kindly avoid clicking on unknown links, avoid downloading apps and avoid suspicious dms.

Thank you
Stay safe and have a nice day


Thanks for sharing this security tips

Like Cz of Binance will say

additionally self digital security Safety is a must


throw more light on self digital safety for us


Thanks for giving me the mic.

In NUTSHELL, our security on this internet should be our individual concern .

  • As crypto is decentralized, meaning we are at position of our safety, funds bank

We should take daily and everytime responsibility to secure our bags


Thanks brother, very true…you have to protect yourself first

You have said it all, this is one of the reasons I stopped doing airdrops long time ago though sometimes it’s tempting when people making millions from it :joy:


Tienes toda la razón, una vez que el mismo juego propuso un envío de drops me robaron toda la billetera, y eso que nunca me gustaron los drops pero al ser del juego que tenia invertido confié.


Same here :joy::joy::joy: I see all the airdrops but because of my past experience I do not touch them


This is one of the reasons I keep posting these. It is not always about not being aware. Some happens after getting trust in a project. So it’s not only to newbies. Thanks for adding your experience


It’s not easy to overlook :joy: but you have to walk away

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Get a separate wallet for it if only you have time.

It really needs time

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True it requires time and attention, and getting to hunt some referrals :joy:

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That’s the part I hate :joy::joy::joy: referrals

And will be playing you some smartness well that’s by the way

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Experience the best teacher

Too risky :joy::joy::joy:

But I am planning to get a new wallet and also repair my old laptop for that. Don’t try this at home :joy: Not an advice tho

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Not an airdrop financial advisor

:joy::joy: #NAFA or #NAA
Not Airdrop Financial Advisor or Not Airdrop Advisor

I got this to share with us.


From Money man

Thank you brother

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