The cexitrage bot

Good day tronics.
As always when ideas pop up in my head, i feel the need to share it to our developer friends and see if its possible.

Today i come to you with another idea for a project. I dont know if there is one already in existence, if there is you can kindly share it, if there isn’t it wouldn’t be bad to create one for TRON.

Lets get into it;
Will it be possible to create a bot :robot:, that does arbitrage trading for people on various CEX.

How will it work:

  1. Create a verified account on CEX of your choice, Houbi, Binance, Kucoin, etc

  2. Pick a pair of coin you would want the bot to trade for you provided it is listed on your chosen CEXes. In this scenario i am going with TRX/USDT

  3. Provide the $trx addresses for the chosen CEX to the bot.

  4. Give the bot funds whether in USDT or TRX

  5. Indicate the number of days the bot can trade on your behalf.

  6. Indicate if the bot should auto compound for you or leave your interest untouched whether in Trx or USDT.

  7. Start the trading, and the bot will automatically be moving funds from one CEX to the other to find the best buy and sell orders.

I call it the CEXITRAGE BOT :rofl::rofl:

I dont know if i am making any sense. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Is it Possible??



I think this is a topic for Michael Eder from Metronixs


Is he on this forum, it will be great to have his input if he can really build a bot to do arbitrage on two or more CEXes

Not sure, couldn’t find him, but I think he participated in Hackathon 1 or 2 with @intercroneswap


First of all you didn’t tell us
What meal gave you the inspiration for the project idea

Talking about bot trading
I personally don’t like .
Additionally we have this similar trading on Binance
Were you provide funds in pairs example (USDT/TRX) OF EQUAL FUND EXAMPLE $100:$100

What next:-
The bot trades the prices difference between set ranges.

Problems with it:-

  • The bot may crash

  • The trading fees may eat up the profit or funds deposited.

  • The market prices uncertainty might confuse the bot

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Yh i know about @intercroneswap. I just hope he comes and check this out and see if he can build something for us. We need to automate these trades on these CEXes, moving tokens manually up and down to sell and buy back on another is tedious

My bot is different,with my bot, it buys on binances and sell on kucoin, then finds a good deal on huobi, buy it there and sell on binance.

My bot suggestion is advanced than the usual :joy::joy:

I understand unique bot trading mechanism contain in your project.

If I’m getting bit right

Your bot will be doing intra cex arbitrary trading??

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This is a very good idea but sometimes bots have knock and misbehave in most, though trading bot is an advanced tech but I don’t encourage bot trading

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Thank you my brother
I don’t like the concept of
Trading bot

I think there is a project called ORN that is doing something similar, but not sure


A mí tampoco, cada vez que los he usado he tenido que estar vigilandolos.

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Yh something like that, whether intra or extra :rofl::rofl::joy:

I made 50% profit trading with a bot on kucoin for ten days. I will recommend bot trading anyday

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I will have to check it out and see if it doing this and maybe try it out to see what they hve to offer.

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Hahaha i left it for ten days, never really bothered to check it often. But i made some good profit from it. Just know when to trade with a both and know the type of bot to select. And set your parameters right.

U cant enter blindly, bot does not trade with emotions but i do. And i want my trades to be free from emotions.

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Hmm that’s good for you but have you encountered any loss at all?

Never!! Yet to encounter any loss made with a bot. All my experiences with a bot yielded great results.

Just set your parameters right and becareful the kind of coin you select and know exactly when to enter the trade to avoid floating losses.

If trx is 0.07 i will never open a trade on it, if it is 0.04 i will open a trade cos i know it will definitely oscillate between 0.04 and 0.07 in that way, when trx moves from 0.04 to 0.05, i will not only enjoy profits made by the trading but also i will enjoy floating profit as the coin rises.

Congratulations for not having any dime loss and kudos to you as well for your smart strategy in milking some profits

Key tips

  1. Choose the right bot.
  2. Choose the right parameters
  3. Know when to activate the bot to maximize floating profit.
  4. Don’t Fomo

Sometimes i wait for months for the coin to hit the target i want then i activate the bot. No need to rush