Security concern 🔐

Good day #tronics, it’s a new week and I hope we are all fine.

There have been some security issues recently, hacking #crypto wallet from hot wallet to cold wallet.

It is becoming like hackers upgrade their skills daily so we should.

Your own security should be your top most priority.

Some personal advice on security I can give is: make use of private keys wallet more than seedphrase.

This is how you will do it.

If you create a wallet, it gives you a default addresses for most of cryptos, don’t use these account but rather create another wallet in the same wallet and save the private keys of the second wallet you have created in the old wallet.

For the first time creating a wallet, after getting your main wallet you will create another account

So you will always need the private key to access your funds but need a main wallet before you can import with your private key.

When you do this, incase hackers get your seedphrase, they will get immediate access to the main wallet you created which contains 0 crypto.

Main wallet

Imported wallet by private keys

We do not know what they are working on it currently so please stay alert and work more on your crypto. Now it is more important to protect what you have done getting more

Thank you and have a good day.

Have new week
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Happy New week, It will be a very X-citing week
Thanks for your security update, very helpful and useful.

We had much of crypto hacks this year.
So information like this will help best way to
Keep us away from hack victim.



Just in .

A New Exploit Happened

Alphapo, a crypto payments processor working with different high-income companies, has suffered a significant security breach, draining its hot wallets across Ethereum, Tron, and Bitcoin.

Notably, Alphapo serves various gambling services, including HypeDrop, Bovada, and Ignition. On-chain data shows that the stolen funds, mainly Bitcoin and USDT, were converted to Ether and then transferred to Avalanche and Bitcoin.

The exact amount of Bitcoin stolen remains unknown, but the on-chain investigators suppose the company lost around $23 million worth of crypto.

In response to the incident, HypeDrop, one of Alphapo’s customers, has taken preventive measures by disabling withdrawals. They stated that their service provider is actively working to resolve issues related to $BTC, $ETH, and $TRX withdrawals and deposits.

HypeDrop assured its users that their funds are secure despite the temporary suspension. Despite these developments, HypeDrop has yet to provide an official comment when requested.

For now, this is the largest crypto hack in Q3 2023…



For our newbies that will be reading this later.

Seed phrases are a series of 12 to 24 words that are used to generate all of the private keys in a crypto wallet.

They are easier to remember and store than private keys.

Private keys are long strings of numbers and letters that are used to access individual crypto accounts.

They are more secure than seed phrases, but they are also more difficult to remember and store.


This why I see it as a big issue, if a whole project like that is loosing that much through hacks, don’t they have security experts?

Hmm. Security experts.
What is this are new forms of in-house hacks?

Thank bro, do people memorize seedphrases? If no then storing private keys shouldn’t be a problem. It should be where you store your seedphrase

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Yes some seedpharses comes in ways a users can remember.

So the best for me Is Private keys

As I said, these scammers are learning every day and mostly we discover problems before getting solutions. So they have advantage over us. They are busy looking for loopholes

Oh ok private keys will be difficult to memorize than seedphrase, yeah that’s true

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Yes, they currently working on improving so
The can take advantages of security gaps,
Could be from hardware, software loopholes

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So with this, I think we should have a dedicated team always looking for loopholes especially wallet providers and they should be experts in hacking lol

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Sure, here are some examples of seed phrases and private keys:
Please note Just for explanation sake.

Seed phrases

12-word seed phrase:
arm, ocean, screen, screen, wave, young, music, fabric, glass, island, chair

24-word seed phrase:
tree, dream, art, chair, wave, woman, north, bird, screen, music, ocean

Note:- some person Have good retentive memory or good mnemonic to hold onto seedpharses.

Private keys

128-bit private key:

256-bit private key:

These are just examples, and there are many other possible seed phrases and private keys.

It is important to generate your own seed phrase and private key using a secure random number generator.

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Well, about having a delicate teams to be checking for Hacking loopholes in a crypto wallet project.

I FEEL they must be trusted.

Additional, they expensive but very worth it.

I believe The NGR by @TronNinjas will take this into consideration


It’s getting scary day by day, we shall also try our possible best to protect our little bucks, thank you bro for the update, we keep expanding and learning each day



Scammers are impersonating Tron community leaders!!

No Tron community leaders will contact you and ask for financial help in DM.


IPhone (iOS users)


Thank you for this information

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I dey fear to click links these days, even some apps

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Same with me.
Thst is the beginning is security measures

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