Some questions about energy/trx relayers

Guys what do you think ?

There is a newly created stealth wallet address that doesn’t have any energy, bandwidth, or TRX. Now, the address has received an NFT. How can we transfer the NFT from the stealth address to another wallet without purchasing or depositing any energy and TRX into that stealth wallet?


Why dont you want to deposit $trx or energy to the stealth address. Is it that its not possible to do that or you are just looking for a way to bypass Gas??


yes it iS possible to do that but if we fund stealth address with our main address that would create a public link . And people can sherlock easily that the address is somehow relates to us!

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Then create a project that can help someone use energy from a friend who has already bought energy and has spare energy.

I buy 1million worth of energy, but i am not able to consume all the energy, actually i use only 200k of that energy and i have 800k to spare.

You are my friend, you want to make transfer but u dont have any energy at all and therefore want to tap into my unuse energy for free.

And since my energy has an expiration date, i give you that access to use some of my energy.

Will that solve your problem??


Using you can rent energy to any address of your choice using a separate address and it will show as delegated from our contract.


is it possible if u cut some trc20 token like usdt as fee from the wallet and give some one time energy to transfer funds

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Great idea bro! It would look more cool if we use zk proof to lend some energy this wouldnt create a public link with my address


You’ll have to send 1.1 trx to activate the wallet anyway :eyes:

(Or maybe I still didn’t get how stealth addresses work :face_with_peeking_eye:)

then you should checkout cloak post! :wink: