Tron energy usecase (plan b)

I have been thinking, aside using energy for transactions, is there any other usecase for energies on tron??

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You can sell it but eventually it will be used for transactions.


But cant we have a security system that requires energy to open.

Let say you want to enter a night club, but the door of this night club is designed in a way where you will have to provide energy before it opens.

Hahaha i think i am over thinking here bro.

Too much Idealism will kill me oneday.

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Businesses like night clubs have no interest to use that kind of feature. Their goal is to have as many customers as possible (up to the legal limit per m2).

Instead of a dapp that would discriminate those who don’t use Tron or have no energy, we should think about dapps that facilitate Tron holders life. For instance a KYC NFT that could be scanned at the night club entrance. The scanner would only show the age of the holder and a picture so the security can verify that the holder is 18+. That way people wouldn’t have to show their ID.
Well people probably prefer to show their ID than letting everybody around know that they have a crypto wallet but it was just a quick example :wink:

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Hahaha that will be very nice. When will government adopt NFTs for all their card related stuffs. It will be a big boost for the crypto community


How about using energy to play Tron online games ( dapps).

  • Or in some organise sport.
    No energy… no participation??

Thats a very brilliant idea.

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Oh really,
Hope that fit onto your usecase
Or could go further to explain how?