Sorrel Banq - Essential Banking for Anyone. Anywhere

This is a great question! This is also a challenge I personally face sometimes while I’m traveling and need access to cash and local payment options to access stuff in countries. Sorrel’s solution for this is going to take some time to actualize as there a many moving parts required and so will be explored further post hackathon.

Here is a solution path we are considering (The Sorrel Card would then have to integrate with this once it exists):

Here’s a peek of the Card:


@constantinpricope201 if you are interested in building this much needed solution during this hackathon, please DM me :slight_smile: we could collab-buidl this as a Sorrel core addon “Sorrel Pay” or community addon eg “X Pay” - on web3 track as I believe this solution deserves its own hackathon entry. This should be modular and functional with or without Sorrel Banq.