Stakescriptions - let the interest of the staked money pay for your subscriptions

hey @Hugoh you can check out the site, it’s live now!

Hey, @rahulrajan thank you for waiting, the site is live now.
you can check it out and have a look at it.

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Hey, @Lajja123 the site is live now, you can check on the above link available.

@akash thank you liked the project and the idea especially.
The project is live now you can have a look at it.

@rahulrajan Thank you for you’re support the site is live now please have a look at it

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Love the project… Can’t wait for it to be live🔥

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Hi, @Brainy Thank you for you’re support The site is live now please have a look

Such a cool idea! I hope I can afford Netflix at least when Staekscription goes live! Can’t wait!


Really like the project… cost effective and hassle free model for subscriptions :money_mouth_face:

Haha! Netflix has failed in India for this very reason!

Concepts like this can be useful for them - leveraging the already saved assets to provide subscriptions would be a great idea!

From the user perspective, this encourages saving as well as utilizing the interest on savings right away!

@sarvagna13 Are you guys also planning to include SaaS platforms like Hubspot or Envato? I have been wanting to buy Envato for a long time now. I am just procrastinating because I am not sure if I should pay for a yearly subscription in one go!

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Yup yupp! I totally agree with you : )

I really love this project… I’m really anticipating…

Interesting project, All the best guys!! :boom:

Great project done ! :+1::sparkles:

Looking forward for this to become live

Stakesciptions Sound impressive. when will live your website ??

this defi project is promising