Suggestion on requirements for achieving trust level 1

I think @admin.hackathon should add some days like a week. So only one week old account with other requirements can be promoted to trust level 1.

We need real users. Some joined and get promoted within a day, leave after voting.

So kindly check this :pray:t2:

Thank you


I don’t think so, it depend on how devoted someone is


Lol are you sure, people get it within a day

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Yes but they devote there time and be helpful to the community


I agree on that, but I was about those getting it just to vote and leave

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Hola, estoy de acuerdo contigo, debería haber una constancia en el foro y la gente que entra ver si verdaderamente le interesa pasar unos minutos al dia en él, si aprende, si le gusta y a partir de estar un tiempo acceder al nivel 1.

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Exactly bro
:facepunch:t2: real users

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True,to get true people that are really going to stay even after the voting

Exactly bro, I think one of the reasons behind the forum is to onboard new people to the ecosystem too

Lol! I believe everyone has a reason / reasons and motives to participate in any event. Also,everybody has one or 2 other things to dedicate his/her time to. Being active here always and on daily bases should strictly be one’s decision.
Everybody’s schedule is different.

Not being committed after voting because of this and that reasons and schedule of programs doesn’t stop one from being a real user.

This is just my own view


I don’t understand these things… Someone should please help

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Lol, in this case we might not get the deserved projects to win. What I am saying is about people creating accounts here just to vote and go. :joy: I have been here since s1 and I know what I am talking about.

And note this is just my opinion :pray:t2:

You are here for Blockshop and maybe kryptopay right?

Suggestion add on - maybe consider weighting the vote in accordance with tenure. I am a long time TROn supporter and really want to have my vote heard in support of @TuruGlobal and their Turuverse. However I rarely create content for forums, just not my thing. I am creating this reply for that sole reason :wink:
:v:& :orange_heart:


Thank you bro and thanks for supporting @TuruGlobal always

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Do you have a project in the season 3 that’s not currently winning?

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Oh no please. Personally I don’t have my own project. I support some projects here

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Good suggestions but also some few days old account can be more active than weeks old account.
I think it should just be based on active Ness and contributions.

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Agreed bro, you have a good point

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