Tbank - the ultimate aggregator of Defi

Tbank - the ultimate aggregator of Defi
We aggregate Dashboard/Exchange/Send/Pool/Save into one place

Project Name: Tbank
Project Track: Defi & Web3
Demo link: Tbank is the aggregator of TRON ecosystem. You can track, trade and find projects to play. - YouTube
Project website: https://www.tbank.one/
(you can actually use it with Tronlink wallet now )
Team Name: Tbank
Team Members(s): 5

Project Goal:
Tbank’s mission is to make Web3 and Defi easy for everyone in the world. We try to demystify the current UI/UX of Web3 and Defi, making protocols easy to navigate for mass adoption.

Project Info and details:

We are a decentralized and global team that works on a goal to empower everyone around the world with reliable, transparent web3 and Defi services.

Why Defi ?

DeFi is short for decentralized finance, which is a crypto term for services like investing, borrowing, lending, and trading based on decentralized, non-custodial infrastructure commonly built on the blockchain. Our team really likes the innovation and the idea of decentralization. Comparing CeFi (traditional finance) , there is three major innovations:

  1. DeFi is trustless which means you control your asset via a private key. There is no way third party or authority to jump in and grab your money without your permission
  2. DeFi is global. The recent war issue between Russia and Ukraine unreal the inefficient banking system of Swift system. Because dApps do not have any form of KYC (Know Your Customer) processes, they are immediately accessible to anyone with an internet connection, a smartphone, and a wallet. This is why Tbank does not ask for user emails and does not have user accounts.
  3. Defi is programmable which means it follows the rules made by smart contracts and not people.

Why Web3 ?

As A16Z writes in their article:

Centralized platforms like Facebook and Twitter follow a predictable life cycle. At first, they do everything they can to recruit users and third-party complements like creators, developers, and businesses. They do this to strengthen their network effect. As platforms move up the adoption of S-curve, their power over users and third parties steadily grow. When they hit the top of the S-curve, their relationships with network participants change from positive-sum to zero-sum. To continue growing requires extracting data from users and competing with (former) partners.

User never own their data in Web2

But in web3, ownership, and control is decentralized. Users and builders can own pieces of internet services by owning tokens, both non-fungible and fungible. There are many ways for users to acquire fungible and non-fungible tokens. You can buy them, but there are also ways to earn them. Web3 offers a new way that combines the best aspects of the previous eras. It’s very early in this movement and a great time to get involved.

Roadmap for the Hackathon:

Feb 13

  1. Product concept re-discussion
  2. UI/UX re-design & improvement

Feb 15

  1. Dashboard-Portfolio on mainnet

  2. Dashboard-History on mainnet

Feb 22nd

  1. Exchange on mainnet ( pools from JustSwap)

  2. Send on mainnet

Feb 27th

  1. Pool on mainnet

March 5th

  1. Save on mainnet

March 6th

  1. Dark-Light mode switch


March 7th

BTTC chain supported

Future plan:

  1. UI/UX improvement
  2. Detail of the history of account activity
  3. Cross-chain supported

Hi @Tbank.one
It looks like your images are not set up correctly in your project post, can you check and edit your post again so the community can check out the images?

You stated “Tbank - the ultimate aggregator for Web3” in your post, can you explain what you are trying to aggregate and how will it work?

On your website, the most prominent text is “Play TRON universe in one place”, is it supposed to be a game and what can the user play?


@TronLive Thx for your feedback

  1. The images issues are fixed
  2. We try to aggregate Dashboard/Exchange/Lending features into 1 place, users don’t need to go to different web and try to understand different UX/UI designs. They can just go to Tbank and act 80% of their Defi activity
  3. The reason we put " Play " on our website is that the Defi service is so smooth and fun comparing traditional finance ( no KYC , no slow reaction like traditional bank)

Why can’t I see the assets on BTTC with Tbank, do I still need to connect the metamask wallet?


When cross chain will be available? @Tbank.one


Do you have your own pool? If not, will you consider increasing it in the future?

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Hi, thx for your feedback and asking. If we won the hackathon with enough fund, we can continue to work on our cross-chain projects. Currently we think the Wormhole’s way to do cross-chain is a great choice.

Hi , thx for your feedback
We do not have our own coins yet, therefore we dont have our own pool

Yes , currently the Tronlink wallet does not support BTTC

@Tbank.one Is the implementation of the “Pool” and “Save” functions on Tbank calls the contract of SunSwap?

Yes, it calls to Sunswap which is the biggest dex in Tron now


Wow Looks amazing, we all need crosschain

The Idea is good, the interface is simple and clean, hope you the best guys!

we are working on it if we have enough fund !

thx you very much ! Dani
we hope we can keep improving and become the best

Looks interesting :+1::+1::+1::+1:

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Tokens I thinks not coins

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I like that you guys have a product!

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Undoubtedly, the Tron and BitTorrent Chain ecosystems need a user-friendly DeFi aggregator. This is a huge technical challenge. Security is the most important criteria. Audits are mandatory. On the other hand, UX will also be a critical aspect to manage. I recommend engaging your community/potential users as soon as possible, to really build what they need/expect. Keep building, guys!


thx your support Rha!