TOBA - Token Bound Accounts On Tron

Hi manfred_jr, thanks for your interest in the project. Yes, the main goal of the token-bound accounts is to expand the utility of the NFTs beyond simple static assets.

Technically there are 3 main components in this architecture account implementations, TRC-721 tokens (NFTs) and the registry.

  • Account Implementation: This is the implementation for the smart contract wallets that will be storing the assets of the account. Here are defined the methods to execute on-chain actions dictated by the NFT owner, verify that the signer making the calls is indeed the owner’s address and provide details about which TRC-721 token is linked to the token-bound account.

  • TRC-721 tokens (NFTs): Those assets represent the ownership of the smart contract wallets they are linked to.

  • Registry: The registry serves as the single entry point of this system, it creates the token-bound accounts (using a minimal proxy contract to the account implementation) and links them to a TRC-721 token by generating a standardized contract bytecode that contains the info about the relationship between the smart contact wallet and the assigned NFT. This is also the component you have to query to get the token-bound account address associated with an NFT

For more technical information here you have the EIP-6551 reference for token-bound accounts: EIPs/EIPS/ at jw/erc6551_interface_update · jaydenwindle/EIPs · GitHub

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