Tron Account Bound (TAB) Token & Personal Achievement Record

Project Name : Tron Account Bound (TAB) Token & Personal Achievement Record
Project Track : Web3
Team Name : web3domains
Team Member(s) : 10
DevPost URL : TronDomains| Devpost
Project Goal : Tron Account Bound (TAB) Token, the First-Ever Soulbound Token on Tron Chain, attached with personal achievement records from partners.
Project Website :
Project Details :

Project Info:

The TAB token is built on the NFT standard (TRC721) with Non-transferable feature and ensures each TAB is unique tied to the user’s wallet address. It will also add more features than regular NFTs.

The TAB token is an identity credential for KYC-completed Tron ecosystem users. This means that developers and project owners can specifically ensure that there are KYC-ed (individual/organization) behind the wallet addresses.

TAB tokens will have different KYC Levels:

  • KYC (passport/ Identity card)
  • Verify email address
  • Verify phone number
  • Verify social network accounts (twitter, discord, telegram etc)

The TAB token will also be a user’s personal achievement record as they participate in partner projects. Partner projects will be granted permission to record achievement to their users via the SDK/API. For example, gamefi app can grant users achievements they get while playing, defi app will grant users achievements based on sales achieved etc.

For TAB holders:

  1. You will receive TAB when doing KYC. All wallet holders holding TAB tokens are KYC users, which means you won’t have multiple wallets of the same person.

  2. Non-transferable: Users cannot transfer TAB tokens to other users.

  3. Revoking: User has 2 levels of revocation

  • Revoke the achievement recorded for them by the partner
  • Revoke their TAB tokens.
  1. TAB holders will receive more benefits from partners: can be Airdrop tokens, receive incentives when buying etc.

For TAB integration partners:

  1. Partner can grant TAB holders any benefits such as: Claimable NFT Lottery, Privilege Rewards Program, GameFi Tokens and higher trading limits, Airdrop Prize one-time, Daily Rewards Points, Event Tickets etc

  2. Join the partner program that can grant achievements to users who own TAB, it’s unlimited and you’ll always make sure to endorse your users as best you can.


  1. Mr. Herry Vu - Founder & CEO & Blockchain Engineer: Over 15 year of experience in management roles for major IT project such as ERP and Business Portal. He is an expert in Information System and Database.

  2. Ms. Kyra Nguyen - Co-Founder & Partnership: Over 5 years of experience in managing communities and partnerships for many large enterprises.

  3. Mr. Luong - BA & Product Owner: He is an impassioned technologist and blockchain expert. Luong had founded and advised various companies in Singapore & the US in the blockchain, e-commerce, and sharing economy startups.

  4. Mr. Tony Tran - dApp & Blockchain Development: He is an impassioned technologist and blockchain expert. Luong had founded and advised various companies in Singapore & the US in the blockchain, e-commerce, and sharing economy startups.

  5. Mr. Ryker Tran - dApp & Blockchain: He is a software engineer, and a designer of Blockchain system. He is the main responsibility for the development of Ethereum Blockchain platform and related apps such as exchange, lending, etc…

  6. Mr. Trieu Vo - Community: Trieu Vo has nearly 10 years of experience working in video marketing, especially digital advertising and blockchain. Constantly learning in the blockchain field through the ICO period, IDO IPO to coin meme trends, play to earn and to move to earn.

  7. Other: There are 5 other people working part time are developer and designer etc


Thanks to bring this the the Tron ecosystem! That’s an amazing project!


That will be useful for some dapps. Would it be possible for a dapp to limit access to some countries based on that non transferable token KYC?


Great developer tooling. Such a project project, is there any roadmap for the project

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Cool to see you implementing and developing SBTs on TRON.

However, with the implementation of KYC records, I have some questions and concerns:

  • In combination with Multisig rules, it is possible to grant access to an address for multiple users. I can imagine this can be used to manipulate the system.
  • In case someone’s keys are stolen, the scammer or hacker would also be able to impersonate the victim.

…which means you won’t have multiple wallets of the same person

  • In case someone has lost access to its wallet, is it possible to do KYC for a new wallet? In other words: is it possible for an individual to register multiple wallets?
  • In terms of privacy: what is being done with user’s KYC data? For compliance, companies sometimes must know their customers. As this is highly sensitive data, I guess you cannot basically “share” this data with everyone.
  • Will the KYC data be stored inside the TAB (as pure data, not a link to btfs for example), and will this data be encrypted? I think it is important that personal data is not accessible to everyone.
  • Is it possible to only have a TAB for proof of social network accounts? I can see this being very useful for external projects wanting to verify an address with an account. Also, it would be nice if you can find wallets by looking up user’s socials.
  • Similar to the question above: are previous levels mandatory to reach the next level? Is KYC mandatory?
  • As I understand, everything will be stored inside a single TAB, including achievements and what not. Am I correct?
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This will definitely to be useful nice project :raised_hands:

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This is really an amazing project… Thanks for bringing tron ecosystem…

What happens if you creat a new wallet?

Heavy weights and veterans on TRON.

Good to see that.

I think there is an EIP under review which will be a standard for soul bound token and it has many projects working on it.

It is interesting to understand the use case.

Though i wonder KYC of passports wouldn’t infringe the value of being anonymous in the decentralised web?