TRON Grand Hackathon $5K prizes for the community

While we are waiting for the judging/voting period to start, let’s have a little survey.

All community members (whether you registered for the S2 hackathon or just a spectator) are welcome to answer the following questions.

A small note for those that weren’t here during Hackathon 2022 Season 1.

For Hackathon 2022 S1, participants published a detailed proposal of what they wanted to build, and the judges & community pick the winners based on the participants’ proposals. Winners will have two months to build their projects based on their proposals. The winners’ prizes will be paid out in multiple milestones based on the objectives that they have accomplished.

For the current Hackathon 2022 S2, all participants have 2 months+ to work on their projects. They will have to submit projects that are completed or projects that are near completion so the judges & the community can try them out during the judging period. The hackathon prizes will be paid out to winners in full after the winners’ announcement.

Q. Do you prefer Hackathon S1 format or Hackathon S2 format? Which one will be better for the community?

Q. We should have about 30 eligible projects to be voted on per track for this season. In S1, community members can vote up to 3 favorite projects per track, how many votes per track do you think we should have this time? • Just 1 vote per track, • 3 votes per track like last time, or • 5 votes per track. Please state your reason too.

Looking forward to hearing from you all!