TRON Total Account Exceed 193,000,000

If only I can predict TRX like this.
Would fly us all to moon

You can do it only if you wish


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Going higher everyday :fire:


that was two days ago

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Yes, I was amazed when I saw the post. The adoption is happening so fast :fire:

My prediction long, correct.
Then 200m is in progress to completions

Good to see this fast.
Please, aside from the increasing numbers
Are we seeing any reflection or important impact in Tron performance or price?

Remember seem we beginning to see the birth of pre bullrun

It’s happening maybe tomorrow or next, but definitely before the week runs out :roll_eyes:

For the time being, I will say no. But it will surely have impacts in the price performance of TRX, maybe in a little longer.

Yup Let’s send it :rocket: :rocket::rocket::rocket:

Lols, something that will reach 200M by tomorrow just hold on for post

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I hope the reflection comes soon

Hahahahahahaha! Remember it took 2 days to get 500k accounts. What convinced you that we can get another 500k accounts tomorrow to take us to 200M accounts

So that you will buy Nigeria :joy::joy::joy:

Don’t worry less, will be completed before week

From the Wicked hands

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Not yet at 200 million

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By tomorrow night, will be worth it 200m

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Yes, remaining around 250k accounts to reach 200M accounts :flushed:

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