Understanding Alphadrop

Please take a moment to read this brief post about AlphaDrop. Thank you for your time!

The Problem:

The problem with standard airdrops is that protocols often distribute tokens that users quickly sell off for profit , leading to a lack of sustained engagement and involvement within the protocol. This rapid selling behavior undermines the long-term viability and community building potential of the protocol.


AlphaDrop aims to revolutionize DeFi airdrops by airdroping vested positions in the protocol through personalized links, fostering long-term engagement and strengthening community commitment.

Application :

AlphaDrop is a powerful tool for rewarding users and attracting new participants to DeFi protocols. By offering vested positions through personalized links, it incentivizes users to join and engage with the protocol.

Imagine a DeFi protocol distributing QR codes or Links at a conference. Attendees can instantly claim a vested position, becoming part of the ecosystem. This innovative approach transforms traditional engagement strategies, fostering immediate interaction and long-term commitment.

AlphaDrop goes beyond simple token giveaways, promoting community involvement and loyalty in the rapidly evolving DeFi landscape.

Vide demo and working :

Plz go through the video to see live testing on bttc mainnet . @admin.hackathon

More Info :

( That we are currently working on )

  • Implementing zero-knowledge proof mechanisms in AlphaDrop enhances security by verifying the proof of personhood, ensuring that individuals cannot claim multiple positions even with access to multiple links. This prevents fraudulent activity and maintains the integrity of airdrop activations.
  • Require users to provide on-chain identity proofs and previous transaction history proofs with the protocol before claiming the airdrop.
  • (Optional) Require users to maintain a minimum balance of the protocol’s token (or any selected token by protocol) For example, imagine justLend wanna airdrop the vested positions in their protocol , they could require users to hold a minimum amount of JustLend tokens.
  • Protocols can lock the position for a specific time so that users are not able to just sell it instantly.