Understanding Liquidity In Crypto

I recalled using nfts I couldn’t sell, as my DP on Discord,

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The fees ones I know is the BNB quarter burn,
Doing best Wii it’s burning process and Announcement

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some are wash trading :joy::joy:
Be careful dont confuse yourself

Manipulation is real in crypto

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providing utility for tpunks?

Even in the midst of wash trading, pump occurs maybe temporary correct me if am wrong

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For more information.
Read from my previous post.


Yes bro, are you not aware?
With Tpunks and Tronmeebits and a couple of Tron NFTs, you can participate in @TronNinjas biweekly tournaments. A utility that the creators of these NFTs can’t provide for their NFTs :joy::joy::joy:

temporary yes, is that what you want?

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tournament? so you can play their game with it or

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Even in some cases the temporary pump is no where to be found

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the fact that in some projects we do not see even temporary pumps does not mean I m
should be OK with any temporary pumps😂

A token will dump from 0.1 to 0.001 and I should be happy with a temporary pump to 0.002​:joy::joy:

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Some pump from this your example can be a blessing to the ones who bought at lowest dip and harmful to the die hard holders

Yes but currently, tournaments are on hold because they needed some time to focus on the NRG wallet but I’m sure they will resume in the soonest

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that’s why I used “I” lol
Talking from someone who bought if at 0.1 and dumps to 0.001 so 0.002 still harmful :joy:

oh OK I will all these and I don’t know what to use it for :joy:

The whole of this can be frustrating with someone that bout all in at 0.1
That trader will explain tire.

Only to hope on doing DCA, AND STALKING.

That is why you don’t have to fall in love, when the price is sexy take profit and wait for the reversal/ dip to buy back if possible you can move on with your life to the next project

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They have created value for their nft so i dont have any issue with their project and how it is always ready to be bought by the community.

But there are some tron nfts and nfts as a whole too that are just worthless and have no value, just a jpeg wasting away in your wallet.

Tronmeebit, Tpunk and the other funny funny ones.

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That’s correct bro! I can remember having my Tpunks listed in the marketplace for over 12 months without anyone even underpricing it :rofl::rofl: Investing on those projects are mistake that we made due to the craziness that welcomed the NFT market at its inception but we are wiser now :joy::joy::joy: I have started seeing people asking important questions like what values they stand to gain from investing on NFTs, which is not the case before :roll_eyes:


In summary, after I made similar Nft investing mistake then, due to the hype round it, still hold some till now, .
A lesson we learnt,. Not just the nfts but also to token, now as you said

This is the norms of the day now…
What the value?

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