Understanding Tokenomics

As usual it is believed
Before you invest in a crypto,
make sure you check the tokenomics.

So I thought we could share our views
and opinions about tokenomics.

  • What is tokenomics about?
  • Features of tokenomics?
  • Token distribution and allocation?
  • And why is understanding Tokenomics
    is important to us

I believe we will learn alot


I will Start with:-
Tokenomics simply what I know as study of the
economic aspects of tokens.

In this case we focus on CRYPTO currency and other blockchain-based applications.

Tokenomics also extends to the
supply and demand changes of tokens,
Which extends to
The factors that influence their value,
circulation, and adoption.


Tokenomics is mainly the part where the game is divided economically.
It is the proportional representative form presented in the blank paper or route sheet, in which potential investors observe if it is according to them to invest.


Thanks for your contribution
I like the first line you said
… divided economically.
And it is important as newbies or An experienced investor to consider a token’s economy and how it is run before investing in it


Tokenomics is very important part to understand before investing in a project,though some tokenomics is mere decesive and misleading unlike the roadmaps, sometimes it goes vice versa

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Yes, you correct
The could be misleading information in some tokenomics information like

Token supply and allocation or distribution

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I have come across one pre sale which stated there tokenomics that that the marketing will take only 2% but I doubt :face_with_monocle: I wonder were then else will funds came from

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Knowing and understanding tokenomics is a great way to know when to sell and when to buy back.

Some team tokens are held and waiting to be released into the market. When its time for that to happen, just run for your life. After they have dumped enough then u buy back, if u wait for them to dump on u, it will take years to fix that mess.


Honestly you talking from experience.

The understanding of tokenomics could save you couple of mess.

Example understanding the token distribution and allocation by the project team says alots

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Some team tokens are vested for only 6 months, so knowing this will tell you when its great to hold and when to jump ship before you are sacrificed


Very important to understand that.

Additionally, if more than 50% of the total coin/ token supply is allocated to the team

Guess this could be bad flag??

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Hahaha it depend of the total supply of the token. If the supply of the token is 25000 then 50% is not a big deal


Even at that
A team or admin holding more than ,50% of its circulation supply

I feel the could easily dump on their investors

Lol. Yh they can. Just stay alert

Yes that was what I thought of
Just like the 51% BITCOIN attack

Someone holding 51% of bitcoin?? Not possible

I don’t mean holding 51% bitcoin.


A 51% attack is an attack on a cryptocurrency blockchain by a group of miners who control more than 50% of the network’s mining hash rate.

Owning 51% of the nodes on the network gives the controlling parties the power to alter the blockchain.

I meant this

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Is that even possible, can someone even own 51% like you just explained. I think we have a site to check that out, i have forgotten the name of that site. But when u find it and visit it, you will realise, it is highly impossible

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Tienes toda la razón es el fundamento para invertir, y cuando quedan tokens retenidos informate bien de como se lanzaran al mercado en que tiempos, para saber bien que es lo que debes hacer o si te interesa la manera en que se constituye la economía del proyecto.

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Exactly, know how much is locked, and till when will it be released and how will it be released, all at once or in batches, and if in batches at what percentage and at what rate.

If u don’t understand this, then RIPP to your cash.

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