Ways to identify a Gem in the Cryptospace. PART ONE

As the saying goes, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.
With over 10,000 crypto assets to choose from, its always a problem for investors to know which one is good to put their hard earned money into.

After being in the cryptospace for a while I devised my own strategy that helps me to identify what crypto has the most promising future.

Though my strategy is not perfect, but it has really helped me alot to not fall prey to projects that keeps promising yet delivers nothing.

In this topic i will highlight on six areas that i look to find in any project before i make a decision to involve myself in.

Firstly, i check their community, people might ignore this but this is one key area i check before investing my hard earned money, for a project to succeed, it needs a strong community backing and if a project doesnt have this backing then the likelihood of it failing with the slightest FUD is very high.
The best social media platform i check is Twitter, and if i see the project has a lot of followers who are willing to push it forward then i jot it down.

Secondly, another area i look out for is partnerships. A project that partners with a great brand to me is very likely to succeed, some projects partners with Binance, Kucoin and some of the big boys in the game. Once i see this my blood becomes hot and ready to jump on the wagon.

Thirdly, i check their sponsor and investors, this is something that is very crucial in the crypto space, which people or entity have come on board to sponsor and also invest in this project and how much they are investing, once i find out entities are willing to put in $100 million in a project, i know they will make sure the project does not suddenly fail. With this at the back of my mind i move on to my fourth target.

Moreover, i look at their tokenometrics, what are their total supply, how many are in circulation, how many have been burnt, how many tokens are held by team, when are the team going to receive their portion. I consider all these before i make mine decision. Money is hard to come by so if you don’t do your due diligence, the project will dilute you and leave you holding a bag full of shit.

Furthermore i check the category the token falls under, is it Defi, Gamefi, Web3, NFT, AI, etc then i check the latest market trend to see if the category is what is currently trending, if that category is the current trend then something good can come out of it very soon.

Lastly, i look out for the problems the project is seeking to solve, if a project is not giving any utility but just lips services, no matter what, it will be bound to fail, so i check their real life use case and is it really a problem for the masses that will make them buy into the project? If it is yes, then i am good to go.

In conclusion, identifying a gem in a space that is mostly full of crap is very hard but if you have what you are looking for and you make sure your project meets that eligibility, you will never find yourself wanting in this space.



Thank you for sharing this piece of information and advice.

The part that grab my attention is

as this has more information about CRYPTO coin or token

Details include
Inflationary or deflationary,

Maximium, circulating, total supply.

Burning mechanism,
And so on


Yh that is very true, tokenomics is a key area to check. As this can help you identify the right time to hold and sell tokens to avoid dilution.

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Yes all correct.
Tokenomics serves as
Important view to look at .

I’m talking from my own personal experience

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Kudos bro, this is well articulate, this will go a long way to help some people in the forum


A la hora de invertir es importante ver el proyecto lo que va a resolver en el mercado, quien está detrás de el, empresas que lo apoyan si es el caso, la tokenomica como se pretende utilizar, la hoja de ruta que esté perfectamente detallada, y por supuesto lo que menos me importa es que tenga seguidores en twitter, ya que no me gustan las redes sociales, si el proyecto se ha dado ha conocer en ambitos profesionales de inversionistas, y parece claro, invierto.


We need to help ourselves identify great projects. Money is hard to come by for us Africans and due diligence can never be overlooked. We seek financial freedom, not to go bankrupt because we jumped on the wagon of a project not knowing what we are looking for.

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That is great, some projects try as much as possible to hit their roadmap right on the head, others fail miserably, others too divert entirely, today they are building this tomorrow that, in the end nothing gets accomplished. If they are not getting things done in their roadmap, you got to advise yourself ASAP.

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You made very important point there.

It’s very important to check and know the usecase, or utility or the problem coin or token or Nft tend to solve.

This will help avoid investing money into pump and dumb scheme.

Another important point for me is tokenomics.

When it come to roadmap. It’s an important tools that shows the project plan, mission and its Way forward

Although, Roadmaps can be compromised or deceiving!!!

Finally,. Talking about
Social media influence,

I don’t follow this
Couse some crypto projects social media accounts maybe be flooded with bots, thus resulting in deceiving social media interaction.


Evidente, la hoja de ruta es el camino a seguir del proyecto de inversión debe estar bien especificada y ver quien está detrás de ella.

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Hoy en día la gente se ha subido al carro de hacer proyectos que no sirven para nada, intentando sacar beneficio de usuarios nuevos en el tema, muchos de los tokens puestos en el mercado son copia de otros que tarde o temprano desaparecerán, es muy importante ver y estudiar las inversiones, diversificar y sobre todo si son factibles a largo plazo.


Yes mate,.
You said it correctly,.
Most of the pump and dump coins
Or project we having around
Are either copies of other projects

Or they don’t have the long term visions.

It’s just sad that the fake project are out there and the newbies are usually the victim of its rugs, exist scams …


It has been perfectly detailed, and everyone’s information is very good, for people who are starting out in this cryptographic world.
The important thing in all cases is to have a good education before investing.


That is 100% correct

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Self education is a great move as most people in their own selfish interest to dupe you will never teach you the right things.

Those that brought me into crypto knew exactly where and how to buy their coins, but they never showed me the way, they preferred to be a middleman between me and the platform. They will buy it and sell it x5 to me, so i was always in a loss.

One day i decided to check youtube and educate myself on things and that was the day everything changed for my good.

No one will teach you anything better if you are not willing to go extra mile to educate your own self.


Se trata de buscar tu mismo la educación,. en todos los ámbitos, recorrer el camino y muchas veces te hará equivocar, pero de esos errores aprenderás, a buscar soluciones y experiencia.
Sabemos que el mundo criptográfico es salvaje, pero todas las inversiones son así, unos se hacen grandes en pro de dañar a otros.


I can relate with this.
It’s one this for someone to talk you into crypto.

But it’s another thing to
DYOR (a.k.a) self education.

So you could understand

  1. Your risk tolerance level

  2. Investment plan

3 portfolio management

  1. Trading discipline.

Well, this is not easy.
But it worth it.

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This space is wild, most scammers are waiting to come back and take peoples hard earned money with some shit project in bull market.

They know their project is shit and can never sell in bear market. But the bull run becomes a fertile ground to reap where they never sowed.

We just have to watch out. Not all that glitters is gold, some are just Yellow Paint.

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When it comes to money and the likelihood to make a profit or loss, everything is worth it.

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Yes you said it right.

The decision of profit and lost is dependent in individual in
The CRYPTO space

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