UniUni-Web3 Recruitment Platform

Project Name: UniUni-Web3 Recruitment Platform
Project Track: Ecosystem
Team Name: UniUni
Team Member(s): 8
DevPost URL: DevPost link
Project Goal: Get everyone a job in metaverse
Project Info:


Project Details:

  • We are the owners of our personal information
  • We should be rewarded for the value our personal information creates
  • A resume should be personalized to highlight your uniqueness

What it does

  • UniUni is a gathering place for web3 workers.
  • Users can earn by publishing your Resume-NFT(RNFT).

How we built it

  • UniUni is a resume NFT platform that allows jobseekers to mint their resumes into NFTs and put their resume NFTs in the marketplace.
  • These resume NFTs will be viewed by headhunters and employers. If an employer wishes to contact a jobseeker, the employer will have to pay a certain fee. A majority of this fee, less a small administrative charge, will be passed on to the jobseeker.
  • As jobseeker information, corporate information, and job information become more diversified and extensive, the platform will use technology to recommend more relevant positions to jobseekers and help companies find the talents that they need.

Project Milestones:

  • Account: Login with the Metamask
  • Profile: Fill in the resume information
  • RNFT:Mint the resume into resume-NFT(RNFT)
  • Treasure: Get a Uniuni Genesis Avatar Blind Box

Future Plan:

  • Develop the resume marketplace
  • Combat with the fake resume
  • Design the token economics
  • Attract more users to uniuni community and upgrade our project together

Project Test Instructions:

  1. Go to uniuni.io
  2. Click on launch APP and Connect your Wallet
  3. Fill in basic information
  4. Add tags
  5. Setup your PFP&backgroud
  6. Mint your resume nft(RNFT)
  7. Download your RNFT image and share to people

Contract address:
MetaProfile: 0xfdf12dbfd23098f3f61715a8e467c2ce8b76fff4
GenesisAvatar: 0xfdc4d0aec81fb355d2fbe19c17cc042641a78d54

Project Website: uniuni.io
Twitter: @OfficialUniuni



On which blockchain are you deploying?

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We are deploying UniUni On ETH.


Thanks for the answer :+1:

They say get a job in web3 but they never show us how to advertise ourselves to enjoy the sweetness of this web3 era.

With this Uni Uni project, i think things will be far more easier now.

Once its up and running, i wish to try my luck with u guys. Maybe a headhunter will come for my head thanks to you guys. Lets keep pushing.

Thanks for following our project.

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Your understanding is great!

The web3 world is becoming more and more important.“Get everyone a job in metaverse” is our mission.

We hope every participant to enjoy the sweetness of web3 era.

We have finished the version 1.0, you can mint your resume to a RNFT(Resum-NFT).The headhunters will be introduced to lease the resumes of talents in the future.

Thanks for following our project.

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That will be very great, i cant wait to mint my resume on this great innovation. Patiently waiting with fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

You can visit uniuni.io and try to mint your resume now, because early adopters will have the chance to get a uniuni Genesis Avatar Blind Box.

More details can follow our twitter:@OfficialUniuni

Good Luck!


Greetings uniuni! Your project seems to be missing details on the following. Please add them to your project. Thank you!

Please Include:
Project Test Instructions
Contract address

We have done it ! Thank you, cute tronbot :revolving_hearts:

I love this project. I have high home on this :yum:

Thank you for your positive comment.Please feel free to express your suggestions for our projects!

Small suggestion: I think the future is multichain and this platform could totally have its place in that vision. A multichain platform where people could mint there resume directly from the network they feel the most comfortable with.
With a crosschain token, employers could pay from whatever network they want and the jobseekers could get the token on his/her favourite blockchain.
If you are interested in EVM-TVM token bridge you can contact me :+1:

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Thank you for your kind suggestions. Multichain is definitely the future trend.We will be doing research on EVM-TVM token bridge in the near future :raised_back_of_hand:

Thank you for your kind suggestions. Multichain is definitely the future trend. Tron is a strong foot in this as well We will be doing research on EVM-TVM token bridge in the near future which would hopefully be productive

Hey Fabsltsa! I’m interested to know more about this, can I directly touch base with you regarding this implementation/

Createvyour unique NFT resume and get paid, I’ll get for doing what?? i didn’t get it

Sure you can dm me :+1:

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After you mint your resume into NFT, you will get:
1、UniUni genesis avatar(Ended)
2、List your RNFT to marketplace, you can get token incentive(Coming soon) :raised_back_of_hand: