Up Stable Token eXperiment by USTX Team - A low volatility asset ecosystem

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I’d like to shed some light on what’s behind USTX and it’s liquidity management algorithm. It’s a Medium article that shows the differences between USTX DEX and a common AMM DEX. Let’s talk about it!


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We’ve added one important piece of info about the crosschain bridge functionality:

The token total supply will be shared among all blockchains, using the lock/release method on Tron (Tronscan will always report the correct total supply of the token) and mint/burn on secondary chains. This will allow USTX to be one token, with one price and one supply, across multiple blockchains .


Today we want to talk about one aspect of USTX that is difficult to understand at first: the psychological effect of a low volatility token and how the USTX algo can influence the behavior of investors. We made a short article a few weeks ago about this, take a look:


Voting on USTX governance platform will NOT require energy from the user. The smart contract will receive energy coming from the USTX staking architecture (currently more than 10,000,000 energy points available). This will act as an incentive to voting participation.


This is one of the best projects built on Tron. The idea is pristine and honestly I have not seen any other chain implement such a cool mechanism. Tron should be proud of USTX!


Hi @Sirluke
Welcome to TRON DAO Forum and your participation in this hackathon.
Let us ask some questions that the community may find useful.

  1. How’s the performance and activity of the USTX DEX so far?

  2. Since USTX will monitor the real-world prices of tokens, some sort of oracle services will be required. Can you elaborate on which oracle services you will use and what’s your plan for the implementation part?

  3. Is the dynamic minting/burning of USTX reserve tokens active yet? If so, please provide some examples. If not, please provide a detailed example of how the mechanism will kick in based on our past real-world historical events as a sample.

Looking forward to your answers. Thanks!


Yes! This project is Solid gold!


Thanks for the warm welcome and for the questions.

  1. The DEX has been active for USTX trading since November 2nd 2021, with a 100% uptime. Over 1600 transactions have been made so far on the several trading pairs we offer: USTX/USDT, USTX/USDJ, USTX/USDC, USTX/TUSD, USTX/TRX (routed through SunSwap). The token price is up 135% since launch price.
  2. The DEX smart contract has bees designed to rely on stablecoins reserve. The main reason for having chosen Tron as the base blockchain for the project is the availability of several top tier stablecoins (USDT, USDC, ISDJ and TUSD). The token liquidity management algorithm is targeted to keep a certain reserve level (sum of stablecoins value) compared to the circulating value of the token. Considering that stablecoins value is kept close to 1$, oracles are not needed. Several failsafe measures are provided in the contract to act in case of one of the stablecoins loosing peg, avoiding an avalanche effect. When trading TRX for USTX, the dApp choses the best route with the goal of keeping the stablecoins reserve balanced between the 4 different tokens. The reserve liquidity can be checked by every user directly on-chain, goin to the DEX page or directly on Tronscan.
  3. This is the heart of USTX and it’s working since the launch in November. When we launched we only had simulations, based on modeling historical real world data, that showed the ability of the USTX algo to smooth the curve, reducing the dips while following the main market trend. Below is the simulation of USTX algo compared to normal AMM using BTC historical data.

    But right after launch we had the possibility to observe the smart contract doing its magic on real world data. The token launch started at 0.015$, that’s 50% up with respect to presale price. This 50% gain pushed some investors to sell and cash the gains. The price impact of these transactions have been rendered minimal by the smart contract algorithm. The price dipped about 1%, while a normal AMM would have dropped 9%, considering the trade size. One picture is worth a thousand words…

    The image represents the first day of USTX trading. The blue line is the actual price, while the orange is the price the token would have had if the DEX was a normal AMM. The effectiveness of the smart contract dynamic liquidity management is very clear.
    Another example of the algorith in action is reported below, right after the ATH was reached.

    In blue the actual price, in orange the price it would have had if the DEX was a normal AMM. Again the effect of the smart contract action is very evident and proves that USTX is protecting the investors value every day, in every market condition, automatically. The smart contract is operating without any interference from the team since the launch.

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Exactly!! Congratulations to your team for creating a very interesting ecosystem!


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