Welcome to HackaTRON S6!

Attention, passionate hackathon pioneers! Welcome to the exhilarating launchpad of HackaTRON Season 6 :rocket:, where innovation leaps into the blockchain universe. This season is set to eclipse the remarkable achievements of Season 5, with a thrilling adventure that boasts a formidable prize pool of up to $650,000. We’re on a mission to catalyze a deep-rooted collaboration and innovation within the expansive world of blockchain. Together, let’s dive into an odyssey of creation and technological triumph :globe_with_meridians:.

To join the Season 6 saga, step forward and register on DevPost, our chosen platform for this season. Immerse yourself in the event’s regulations, ensuring your groundbreaking project is poised for submission to the TRON DAO Forum. Mark your calendars for the crucial deadline: 2024-05-08T00:00:00Z :alarm_clock:, and ensure your project shines brightly on our forum.

We’re elevating the stakes with an enhanced prize structure: the Project Engagement and Determination Prizes now stand at $10,000 each, split between two deserving projects ($5,000 each) :trophy:. Additionally, we introduce the Ecosystem Inclusivity Prize, awarding $10,000 across two projects ($5,000 each) that exemplify active engagement within the TRON community through diverse events and platforms.

For those eager to amplify their impact :loudspeaker: and explore further collaboration opportunities during HackaTRON Season 6, we invite you to express your interest and share your project’s unique proposition through our special form.

Demo Week Interest Form

This is your chance to connect with potential VCs, gain additional visibility, and participate in exclusive Demo Week events tailored to showcasing innovative solutions within the TRON ecosystem. Don’t miss out on this chance to elevate your project and make meaningful connections :handshake:.

Embrace the challenge with our new Integration Track, inviting participants to weave cutting-edge protocols and tools into the TRON ecosystem, now featuring eligible applications for integration supported by leading blockchain partners:

  • BitTorrent File System
  • Just Ecosystem Dapps (Justlend, Energy Rental)
  • Sun Ecosystem Dapps (Sunswap, Sun.IO, SUN DappChain)
  • ApeNFT Marketplace
  • Bitcoin Layer 2 Solution

This season, the Integration Track opens doors to a myriad of innovative possibilities, encouraging the exploration of cross-protocol interoperability, scalability solutions, decentralized storage integration, oracle utilization for smart contracts, and privacy-preserving technologies, alongside these exciting new dimensions :star2:.

Our commitment to your innovative spirit remains unwavering, as evidenced by the continuation of the two-milestone submission process. The adventure intensifies as we march towards deploying fully functional Dapps on the TRON/BTTC mainnet, aiming for monumental achievements.

As we journey together, remember: the essence of HackaTRON Season 6 is not just in the competition, but in the vibrant community and the shared pursuit of a decentralized future. Let’s make this season a testament to innovation, collaboration, and the boundless potential of the blockchain :white_heart:.