What are the All Badges

Hi everyone,
I wonder how many badges a user can get? Are there a list of it & I wanted to read all of them. It seems interesting :smiley:

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you can earn all badges with the exception of one, we can’t figure out how to win that. that’s reaction badge

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Hello buddy, welcome back to
Tron Dao forum.

Yes we have lovely Badges to earn
When you meet up with the requirements.
You could navigate to

To read on how to earn each badges

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If there is a badge you even didn’t receive yet, I am not willing to take it :sweat_smile:

Maybe @StevenTRON explain the reaction badge to us

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Yes, but I wonder if I can see them without gaining. Because I think I have a long way

oh yeah you can see them, just click on badge from the list

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OMG also are there dark mode ?? How … I am ?? Changing it now

Yes buddy
You can click to read more
Them you can start from the ones
You can complete the task and earn
Your badges.

It’s a long process.
But don’t rush.
Believe in the process.
Keep building

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As u say boss, I’ll do like that. Thanks for guide :slight_smile:

I prefer the dark mode interface
Anytime any day

Very simple
Click on your settings icon
Then navigate to interface

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yess I did exactly, but I realized I used all time in light mode. And also many times, I am not logged in . So in anonymous visiting, it is also default light. Just because of it I didn’t assume there would be dark mode :sweat_smile:

you are a web developer, are we seeing any project from you this season?

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I totally understand that.
It’s good to always navigate
Through Forum like this

To see and explore,
Ask questions where you don’t understand
We are here to assist too.

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I changed it literally 10 minutes ago, that’s why I changed. I am planning to create my Web3 project. I watched for 2 seasons and now I guess I am ready. Now focusing on creating team and developing idea.

Wish me luck please <3


alright, cant wait to see what you bring on board

all the best :pray:

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You are welcome to this Great Tron Dao forum.
All the best, to you and your team and project.

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All the best bro we will be watching out for your project.

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I hope you have gotten all the assistance you need in understanding how to view the number of badges we have in the forum from @Prince-Onscolo and @Gordian ?

Should you need to know any other time, don’t hesitate to ask here in the forum. There are a lot of members here who can help you find answers to your questions.

Regarding your interest in submitting a project in the ongoing hackathon, I hope you have read all the criteria and all the things you need to do, for your submission to be approved. Always feel free to ask questions regarding your submission and we will be happy to help you in your project submission.

All the best to you bro!


Thanks mate, all the best to his team and project .

We all here to give guidance together we


Absolutely! We’re all here to help each other out and make sure everyone succeeds :heart_hands: