New Badges / Application of TRON DAO FORUM

1- Will new badges come to Forum?
2- Will we get application version of this forum? It makes way easier to check projects’ infos / websites during seasons

  1. there are a lot of badges, what new badges do you want them to add please?

  2. We need an app, several users have suggested that so we look forward for it


There hasn’t been any official announcement about new badges coming to the forum. However, you can always check the forum’s announcements section or reach out to the admins to see if there are any plans in the works.
In the meantime, existing badges are a great way to showcase your engagement


Welcome back to the forum, if you have any ideas of new badges to be created, you can pop them in


I think the plenty badges that we have in the forum is more than enough


You’re starting a very important discourse but I feel the badges in the forum are already more than enough.

  1. There can be badges like “MVP of week / month” etc. Because all other badges are one time achievement. Thanks to those new possible badges, new users would be more thrilled.
  2. Yes, app is for sure necessary. Like me many users prefer apps over websites.
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Yes I agree, I just want to see maybe weekly or monthly achievement badges to increase incentives for the forum on new users. On the other hand, there are many many badges. So maybe no need

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We have one for new user for the month but do not have one for best user forgot the month in general


okay I got it. so just app is necessary for now.

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For now I will go for the app
Yes Sir :pray:t3:

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