What are the factors that influence the rise and fall of cryptocurrency.

Just like any market at all, there is a season for every goods and services, scarcity coupled with demand always increases prices of goods and services also abundant supply coupled with less demand equal decrease in prices of goods and services.

The crypto market is no stranger to this scenario. We have seen better days and we have seen worst hard times.

But as an investor in this speculative market how do you decide when to buy and when to sell, what are the factors to look out for to be successful in cryptocurrency.?


No hay una razón lógica, debído que como oferta y demanda es una manipulación de mercados creados siempre por los mismos y por los medios informativos, entonces se crea el miedo que es lo que hace bajar el bien, si el interés es hacer subir otro bien se manipulará desde otro contexto.
El problema de la cripto es estar en pariedad con el dolar, lo que de esta manera es manipulada, entonces llegamos a la conclusi√≥n que deber√°s investigar la bolsa de valores y seg√ļn indices de materias primas y dolar, pueden influenciar en la subida de la cripto, aparte de el p√°nico que genere la gente.


Trying to time the market is not easy.

i think a form of dollar cost averaging is better insetad.

I only buy coins i believe in their project, and that has helped me so far

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Wow thats a great perspective. Too many manipulation especially by the media, bloggers, youtubers and those crypto twitter influencers. They can cause fear and panic within seconds.

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Yh i try that always, it always helps, in bear market if you dont have extra cash to feed yourself, u might run into bankruptcy cos u will be doing DCA forever and ever

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True and i also believe that there are better days ahead

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