Fate of crypto projects during winter(Bear market)

Who is more affected during Crypto Winter

The project or the investors?

Which is the right strategy during such period: Sell or Hold?( As investors)


Hmmm I will say it depends

Projects suffer especially if funds allocated for marketing, building and others are not in stables.
But if they are in stables, they do not suffer you just keep building. (Don’t really know if it’s possible to convert all team funds to stables)

And with investors, short term investors suffer. With long-term investors it’s an opportunity to buy more.


Good you answer both questions with one shot( according to your point of view).

Another question:+
During crypto, buy or sell or hold??


you mean crypto bear market?

Let me use an example to as the question

Q. As an investor into a new project from this Tron Hackathon who happens to launch during crypto winter.

Is it best to hold, sell or buy??

In crypto, you sell during bear market when you want to make a loss :joy:
And one of the reasons why one will sell at a loss is "when these is a hint that the project will jot survive the bear market or you want to get out.
Sometimes there may be inside trading, team selling all their team tokens…

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Yes your are very correct.
In my own addition

Some will get to sell at bear market when the see that the lost is getting closer to their risk threshold level

Example selling off at 5% loss

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In the approach you have exposed, both are affected.

To me the investor is the most affected. The coins or tokens were created by the team, and they often have quite a lot of it. They can sell it small small whiles removing liquidity from us the investors.

If u didn’t sell in bull, then no need to dump in bear, it doesn’t make any sense. But if u think the project has not reached bottom yet, sell 75% of your holdings, and use the 75% to DCA your way down. Its better to accumulate through this process than to watch all your money turn to dust.

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Thanks for your contribution.

Well for me I feel the investor more affected

Yes I agree with you
The investor more affected.

In the selling part of it.
What you you do if
You see that the project will tank badly

Do you Think selling off at 25% loss will save your soul?

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Selling in bear market has never saved anyones soul but it is a necessary evil. Why dont you sell at $2 after a token has dumped from $4 amd wait and buy it back $0.5 this will help you get more tokens. So the least appreciation in price can help you recoup some of your losses

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Easy said bro.
Let take a coin in our past memories that recently rugpulled.

From $120 to $40.
You may Think best to buy dip with DCA method.( You bought)

Then from $40 to $7.
Would you still buy?

Finally from $7 to $0.0999

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Rugpull is different. With rugpull u dump as quickly as possible and stay clear from it. But our scenario is for credible projects like example $trx

We back to credibility in TRX.

Everything been equally.

Now the next issue doing bear is


U r only afraid when u don’t believe the project you invested in.

Boss you talking like you don’t get scares sometimes

Wells the fear is dependent on the

  • stalkholder involved,
  • The source of invested fund( loans).
  • Time of investing

In our part of the world we live in constant fear. If i have a business that gives me money on a daily basis and i am investing in a credible project, fear will be out of the picture.

But we are paid monthly and the little we get too we invest in crypto so if we see it going down we become very afraid cos it took us a month to get that money a project is using just a week to make me lose 50% of it.

How do i survive like that??

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I totally understand the scenario leading to different fear factor
While investing in crypto

Especially using savings to invest
Yield more fear… If lost more than 50%

Hola, el problema es que siempre se compra cuando los mercados están en pleno apogeo, por norma se compra cuando todo el mundo invierte y cuando la gente ve que decrece su inversión vende por pánico.