What is your favorite memory regarding crypto or tron?

Looking forward to keeping the vibes high and hearing some good memories in the bear market!


Like seriously the bear market is never a good memory for any trader in the crypto space. But if you have enough capital to buy during the dip and hodl, that’s were you receive crypto blessing. Bear market are also good for newbie to learn to stand strong during bear market because it’s really a trying time for everyone in crypto space. Because for someone who started trading during the Bull run will easily have a heart attack during the bear market


I can’t wait to get in the groove.


Cool that’s so interesting


My favorite memory is me making a lot of money in this bear market. Not actually in crypto, but in NFT. Was considering in investing in crypto the week the massive dip happened. Thank goodness I haven’t cos it would have been something else for me.


I recall when a coin I bought did over 5000%

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Wow… This crazy… What coin was that?


Wow, what coin was that?

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I remember me buying BTTC token and then it did roughly x100. I was amazed but guess what I didn’t take profit. I was a newbie

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How long has it been?

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Started.mine during the bull run. The bear market was a hell

Airdrop airdrop & airdrop :rofl:

Crypto is still the future, but nevertheless most of my crypto holdings are down but $BBT is still standing out among all , thanks @TuruGlobal For making this possible, I can’t wait to vote them on their great project #TuruVerse $BBT will serve as a utility token in the #Turuverse where you can shop, play and fun :blush: as well

The fact where I predicted the bear market on btc but couldn’t keep to my stand on it and went on buying more than I should do for usdt .
Thanks to God that I kept my stand on the huge dip but I learn to be flexible during trade