How and When did you start investing for Tron? or How did you guys found about Hackathon on 2023?

Well as the heading says I’m quite curious about it and to see if I’m too late for investing? and moreover when do you invest on crypto how much money you use? On Euro Bases? Thanks so much


Yep you are not late to invest in crypto ! You can invest once blackrock approves etf :slight_smile:

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Hello Buddy, You still so early in crypto investment.
The amount in any Currency to invest is solely base on you in consideration with your risk tolerance to losses


Investing in a bear market is the best decision, everything is cheap in bearmarket.

So i would say you are not late, you have come at the right time. But dont invest what u cant afford to lose and dont invest all you money at one price target. Dollar Cost Averaging is the key.

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I started investing on last year February I guess (2022) and I can clearly say that you are never late, as long as you are looking forward to seek opportunities there are always chance wish you best of luck

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You are not late actually you are at the right time but you have to diversify, don’t fall in love with one project

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You can still diversify and will get down with it

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You have 75% chance of surviving from heart attack than hoping and trusting in one project

Lols, I read somewhere that says.

One night
One call
One project
One client
One day
One trade
One this
One that

Can change a life.
Noe I include.
One Coin .

Facts or not?


It’s a simple translation in my own terms, which means if you invested in 7 projects hopefully one or two out of 7 can go parabolic and do some magical wonders

I started investing on it around late 2020 it wasn’t quite popular in Norway (my home country) at first then we started got bigger

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On 2021 with an advice of a friend sometimes got disappointed but so far I’m alright…

Just been looking around and lookin for inspo to start investing mate idk if we are late but I can assure you that we are not alone haha lol

One coin is like dipping you balls in honey and putting it in an ant hole.

Lols, this one coin,
Can we we go further.
How about BTC?.
I believe it’s risk tolerance that matters.

Because one can still invest in different and still get mad.


Personally BTC is not a coin of choice, the ship has already sailed for some of us on this BTC thing. If u can’t afford to buy 1, or afford to buy 0.5 BTC use your money to eat gari and beans


Yes, same with me,
BTC Eth and BnB are not first choice for me.
My mindset is, if I can’t afford 1btc, then I forget about it.

Like you said … use the change money to buy food first


I believe you mean, if you can’t


Thank you for the correction. I have edited it accordingly. :rofl::rofl:

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For the stock market, there were even sentences regarding being late. We are always on time for everything. The cryptocurrency industry is always evolving, and new opportunities present themselves. Please watch the new currencies closely and use your expertise and experience to diversify your chances.

Staying up to date with news and updates is simple if you follow several social media and Telegram channels.

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