Is Tron Cryptocurrency A Good Investment?

Content fuels the internet. Tron could power a huge part of that. :smile: :upside_down_face:


Yeah I am agree with that


The partnerships announced already, which are a sign of Tron’s overall ambition


I think the answer depends on the expectations of each individual investor. What are they looking for in returns, and in what time frame? Are they investing for a quick return? Are they investing/staking long-term? Or, are they looking for actual utility and functionality? I personally do not view Tron as a pump and dump scheme. I think people who are looking for that might want to consider looking elsewhere. I see Tron as being more of a ¨big-picture¨ sort of project. Many moving pieces coming together, an entire ecosystem. I see solid, consistent innovation and development. Strong partnerships and collaborations. I see Tron as being built to last. I believe we are going to see many projects dissolve and vanish. Tron, however, in my opinion, will endure. Of course, this is all just my opinion and not financial advice. I’ve been following this project closely for 3 or so years now and these are the conclusions I have reached. My best advice always is to DYOR.


totally agree with you =), tron is long term


Tron is long term, being fully decentralized makes it more interesting…


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Yeah :sweat_smile:. I believe that it will take us to the moon :full_moon_with_face::v:


It is one of the cheapest and fastest crypto in the market. It is a good investment if you know where you can utilise it. I have been holding tron for specific purpose. I know most of you would understand what specific purpose i am referring here.

For many it is a non profitable investment but in reality it is one of the best way to realize the potential of a cryptocurrency


The TRON DAO, is making all the right moves, positioning it’s tech, projects and DOA in the right direction. Just look at the drop in crypto across the board over the last 8 months. While most other crypto’s dropped by over 40% - 50%, TRON hung tough! That’s the proof that TRON is setting itself up for the future Bull market to come. I’m just glad that we didn’t develop our project on Ethereum. We never could have afforded the huge costs and missed deadlines!

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Yea TRON Is very promising

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Yes. Indeed. Promising Crypto.

This is perhaps the cheapest in the market right now.

the best crypto for me, huge potential

Many possibilities of diversify investments in a same ecosystem in Tron :star_struck:

Tron ecosystem is the future of A decentralized Internet. :boom:

Depends upon your strategy