The odyssey of a tron investor


In the pursuit of financial freedom, my path crossed with some Nigerians who were also busily looking for the same thing as I was.

Upon consultation and further probing, I was made aware that I could break this financial shackles by investing in cryptocurrencies.

That was when the Tron journey begun. I was guided to download my first wallet (tronlink), and assisted to purchased my first coins.

The feeling that day was unfathomable but that was just the beginning, the journey of a crypto holder had just merely begun…

The up and down of being a Tron holder;

I was promised financial freedom but the journey was not as easy as it was made to seem.
For almost a year, my coins were not moving, the market was hard, pressure and fear started creeping in, I begun to doubt if I had made the right decision.

My friends didn’t make it any easier as I was shut countless times when I tried to also guide them in this my new found pathway.
The question was always asked “how much have you made so far?”

They were right to ask, I really had nothing to show for it.
As it is said, if the naked man promises you clothings, first check his situation” and my situation was nothing to write home about.

Day in day out, the fear grew, tension kept rising, voices in my head kept ringing “you have been scammed”
I couldn’t take it any longer, it was time to sell my coins at a loss.

The decision that nearly cost me a fortune;

That was it for me! I came looking for freedom and not to add salt to my injuries.
It was time to unstake and sell at a loss.

I hurriedly unfroze my assets, but selling it was tougher than I earlier imagine, what would my friends say?
I knew what they were going to say “we told you say

I wasn’t ready to make them win, i said to myself, what if i held onto it for sometime, its not like i am in any profit, and it wouldn’t make sense selling at these losses.

I sat down for a while, pondered on the issue for almost an hour and finally took another decision to hold and see what the future have in stock.

The day everything changed for my good

When you hit rock bottom, there is only one way left, UP🔝

On the 16th of April 2021, the day was quite bright and fresh, a coin i bought around $0.01 was now selling for $0.166, the wait was finally over.

I now have evidence to show my friends. They were amazed and were ready to even take loans to join the party. I told them they cant invest what they cant afford to lose.

I was able to bring ten of my friends into crypto in just one week after they saw i was making it.
They even begun to curse their stars for not listening to me earlier.

I sold part to start my family building project which is near completion. And held onto the rest for better days ahead.

In my Tron journey i have come to realize, that though Tron might dump, sink but with its quality fundamentals and super great community base it will always rise to prove critics wrong.
Patience is indeed the key to success in this crypto space cos out of the ashes, rose a new dawn, that has become a force to reckon with in the crypto-space.


Stay sTRONger!!


Great! Good post bro


Thank you brother. :pray::pray::v:


I really do appreciate this alot… Thanks


Great post! We have to stay strong in the bear market and I’m confident it will be worth it in due time :chart_with_upwards_trend:


You welcome, i hope you hold on tight. Bear market is tough, but when it is bull market, u will forget everything.

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Its always good to hold onto projects with great fundamentals like tron, the community is very strong and supportive. Dont just hold anything, holding something that has capacity to grow in the future.


In my personal experience, it paid off in bull market. I can boldly say i have not lost in crypto, when i check the things i was able to do with the little i got, i know crypto is worth it


Exactly, thats the name of the game, patience!
Bitcoin started as nothing but now it is seriously worth something. One day tron will be worth alot.
We are still early in the game.


You welcome mate, kudos!

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Thank you :pray:, we just doing what we can. Lol :laughing:


Great post :heart::heart: you too out time to writer it very well

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Hola, te felicito por tu publicación, ha sido una reflexión muy honesta.

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Gracias y espero que venga otra carrera de toros y nos quite de encima.

Donde veremos a tron por encima de un dólar.

Ese día llegará, es solo cuestión de tiempo


Siempre he sido consciente que ese día llegara, todo es cuestión tiempo

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Watching, stacking, holding and praying. :pray::sunglasses::sunglasses:


Pretty insane this journey and I am very happy for you it work-out👏 I hope you will spend your money wisely and maybe investing in new projects to make impact in the world. Also great that you are so active on the DAO👌

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I’ve been in this situation before.
I’m glad you made it out positive


If u cant hodl, you will never be rich. Hodling is the most difficult thing in this crypto game especially when u dont have a steady income and the amount you invested is all u have. You will digest your stomach walls cos of hunger.


Always use the money gain to make something that will stand as an evidence to why crypto is the best. Anytime i see my building project, i know it was all worth it. Thanks for the compliment and welcome to the Forum.