Happy independence day #tron

Today marks exactly 5 years #Tron launched on MainNet. #TRON5Years.

Tron has served a lot of people especially in settlement.

I became #tronics through #klever. Before klever, I was using tron. Not for anything proper tho :rofl:, just investing in scam sites :joy:. At that time I thought I was doing some great investment not knowing I was getting scammed. When I joined klever, I started using tron proper. Klv was a trc 20 token so you needed trx for transactions.

I became addicted because of it’s speed and cheaper fees. So this is my third year of using #Tron proper.

I have gotten a family out of tron too. So for me #tron is not only Blockchain but have a community to build a family too.

We hope to see improvements always and get solutions to our problems.

Happy Anniversary #tronics and Thank you all for being there for me always :pray: @turuglobal @NshowNFT @Nweke-nature1.com @StevenTRON @HunterTRON @Gordian @antonio @TuruGlobal @Cornycoin69 @Dendorion and you all​:heart::blue_heart::tada:


Happy anniversary, Tron!

Getting to 3 years since I first started using Tron.
In that time, I’ve been so impressed by its fast and cheap transactions.

I remember the first time I sent a Tron transaction. I was expecting it to take a few minutes, but it was literally instant.

I was also surprised by how cheap the transaction fee was. It was just a fraction of a cent! ( As of then)

Since then, I’ve used Tron to send money to friends and family, buy products and services, and even participate in DeFi applications.

Every time, I’ve been impressed by the speed and affordability of Tron’s transactions.

I’m excited to see what the future holds for Tron!
Here are some of the reasons why I love Tron for its fast and cheap transactions:

Transactions are processed instantly.

Transaction fees are very low

Tron is secure. The network is protected by a Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism.

Tron is scalable. The network can handle a high volume of transactions.

Tron is user-friendly. The interface is easy to use, even for beginners.

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Please gathered here, let laugh together.
We have been there … that was smart contract.
That did me dirty… In 2020.
The storyline long.

But in nutshell,. We have gone this far.
We seek for more involvement and readjustment
To fit the users and investors taste.

I believe the Team and co
Are all aware of our humble plights.

All the best to Tronics and Tron.
May bullrun occur to us soon


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Interesting to see how Your message conveyed alot of things
Thanks for your attributes and thanks for being a Tronics, together we can make Tron great :muscle:
Happy independence day to Tron


hahahaaha thanks brothers @Nweke-nature1.com @Gordian


Te agradezco hayas realizado este post, llevo mucho tiempo usando Tron.
Cuando empecé en el mundo criptográfico hace muchos años, tenía unas criptomonedas las cuales las manejaba en compra/venta.
Fuí estudiando las que más me interesaban y me dediqué a investigar Tron como cadena que representaba cuales eran sus objetivos, en pocas palabras me dediqué a hacer un estudio sobre su sistema, me pareció que podía con el tiempo ser una de las mejores cadenas para los usuarios y su moneda también llegaría a revalorizarse.
Entonces lo que más me cautivó fué como bien has dicho la rapidez, el bajo costo y el precio de su token.
Desde entonces sigo con TRON.


you are most welcome and thanks for sharing yours too


Happy anniversary TRON :raised_hands:

“I became addicted because of it’s speed and cheaper fees.”

I always say the best way to get new users on TRON is to have them experience the blockchain! When I started using TRON and USDT on TRON it opened my eyes to the possibilities. Cheers to an amazing 5 years and here’s to many more :clinking_glasses:


Just try it and see, that’s it… :+1:

For the speed, we are number 1

Cheaper fees, something needs to be done about it bro

Thanks for sharing

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This post has actually reminded me of my early day in tron. I was steady investing in scam tron sites without knowing. But one thing is tron transactions are fast and cheap.


sure, I used to start with 500 trx :joy::joy:

We learned the hard way but it’s all good. Thanks🙏


I believe we all had similar experiences
When we got onboarded into crypto.

Tron happened to be my first interaction.
We learnt the hard way
Just as @Prince-Onscolo said

We still learning tho