Happy weekend Tronics, today I present another topic for us to ponder upon. I’m wondering if I make it like debate or like a poll vote?

Whose interest should be considered first in Crypto?

  • The project Team
  • The investors
  • Both parties
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In Hackathon like ours, the question of whose interests should be considered first in crypto is a complex one, with no easy answer.

Both the project team and the investors have important roles to play in the success of a crypto project, and both need to be fairly compensated for their contributions.

  • The project team is responsible for developing and maintaining the crypto project. They put in the long hours and take on the most risks. They also have the most expertise in the project, and they are the ones who will ultimately decide its direction.

It is important to consider their interests first when making decisions about the project.

  • The investors are also important.
    They provide the capital that is needed to develop and market the crypto project. They also take on the risk of losing their investment if the project fails.

It is also important to consider their interests when making decisions about the project.

The best way to balance the interests of the project team and the investors is to create a win-win situation for both parties.? How?

Ways to balance the interests of the project team and the investors:

  • Create a fair compensation structure for the project team.

  • Give the project team a say in decision-making about the project.

  • Provide investors with regular updates on the project’s progress. This will help to keep them informed and engaged, and it will also help to build trust.

  • Make sure that investors have a way to exit their investment if they need to. This could include providing them with a liquidity option or allowing them to sell their tokens on a secondary market.
    Especially Nfts project @Nana66419

I appeal to Tron Hackathon project owner to share their views on this?.

Non Crypto way to analyse this topic is.
Student and the teachers whose interest should be put first? @Nana66419 .


As a project, your investors must be your top priority. It’s likes company and customers.

You are here to serve them, so their interest must be taken serious.

For teams, we say hard work pays so all the effort you are putting in will be rewarded. Most projects allocate some tokens for teams but remember if there is no investor or no one buying, those funds allocated will worth 0.

When teams work hard, listen to their investors and grow the project together, funds allocated will grow and benefit them. Just my view :pray:


This is very clear, INVESTORS are worth giving top interests.

You explanation made it more understandable
Thanks for contribution


This is a really important topic of discussion and it goes sideways as the two are interdependent on each other, like 0 project 0 investors.
Given the complexity of the interests involved in crypto projects, a balanced approach is key. Fairly compensating the project team for their effort and risk while providing investors with confidence is vital. To create a win-win situation:

  1. Compensation Structure: Design a compensation structure that rewards the project team based on their contributions and success. This could include a combination of salaries, equity, and performance-based incentives.

  2. Decision-making Power: Involve the project team in decision-making, reflecting their expertise. This ensures alignment between technical aspects and project direction, increasing the chances of success.

  3. Regular Communication: Keep investors informed through transparent and regular updates on project progress. This maintains their interest and fosters trust, even in volatile crypto markets.

  4. Exit Opportunities: Provide investors with exit options. This might involve setting up a secondary market for token sales or offering liquidity options. This helps manage their risk and allows them to exit when needed.

  5. Community Engagement: In the case of NFT projects, fostering a strong community around the project can benefit both the team and investors. Engage users, artists, and enthusiasts to create a loyal and supportive ecosystem.

  6. Long-term Vision: Develop and communicate a long-term vision for the project. This can instill confidence in both the team and investors, demonstrating that the project aims to create lasting value.

Remember, open and ongoing communication between the project team and investors is key to adapting and refining these strategies based on changing circumstances.

Happy weekend Tronics, grab a beer.


Yea, very important topic of importance.
Here we get to know our fellow thought on which side the chose

Both the project owners and the Investors, all need to be taken care of


As a teacher the interest of the student always comes first. It is this interest that u base on and weave your lesson around.

But sometimes you try to also shape this interest as most students are really not interested in education, the main reason they took their bath to school yet not interested.

So as a teacher u try to inspire.

As William Arthur Ward said
A mediocre teacher tells, a good teacher explains, a superior teacher demonstrates and a great teacher inspires


This is Coming from A great teacher Himself.
All the best buddy


Teaching is not easy but what can one do??

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I totally understand, so those teaching right I do Respect them both in and out of Crypto.
Kudos man