Properties of CRYPTO Vs NFT

GM Everyone
Happy weekend TO TRONICS

Let get to share our knowledge on properties of CRYPTO and NFT
we have experience with.

Then I have this quick question



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I have been reading about this for a while, some sources add nfts as a type of crypto. Some also say crypto is different from nft. Personally I know we have fungible tokens and non-fungible tokens (nft) so if you combined these what is the name given to them. Thanks

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From Chatgpt, #nfts are a form of crypto asset so I think you can reframe the topic :pray:t2:

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I must say I went into confusion too

I personally think NFTs are the arts version of CRYPTO on blockchain.

We know the NFT market is a new and rapidly expanding branch of cryptoand digital art worlds.

I would called them crypto arts

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So maybe we can say “Properties of Fungible tokens and Non-Fungible tokens” or let’s wait for others suggestions too maybe Chatgpt and I will be wrong

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I like bthe fact you show your reference bfrom chatgpt

Okay let me reframe the topic of the dicusion

Thanks man

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Yeah very important to show references :joy::joy:

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I understand that as the discussion will be on going
We would have people opinions on nfts and crypto properties they know

And also get to share to share with us which the love investing in and Reason why.

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Good one to avoid @fabsltsa digging you out

Which do you love investing in??
CRYPTO or nfts


Ok so if we are talking about about #FT and #NFTs, then let me share my understanding.

When #Nfts were the talk of the day, I was having difficulties understanding what they were and the difference between them and fungible tokens.

But later came to understand it not deep but ok to teach others.

One property I had in mind, that I used more to help others understand them is, “Unlike #FTs like #Tron you can buy a fraction of it (0.5), for #nfts you can’t buy a fraction of a piece. So for example when you have one #AfricaStar Nft, you own the whole piece of art and you can’t sell half or a fraction of it to someone.

Again, unlike tokens like #trx #klv #bnb that you will see buy others on various platforms that makes it easy to sell them at anytime, nfts are not like that we do not have ready market for them. You list your nft and wait for someone interested to buy or make a bid, sometimes you get a bid for your nfts even when they are not listed but it happens few times.


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Hmmm talking about the one I would love to invest in, from my experiences I will choose fungible tokens over #Nfts.

When I am in need of liquid, I know when I go to @JustMoney or Binance I can sell my trx but nfts are not like that as I said in my earlier post.

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This is brilliant.

For the fragments sales and purchase properties
You just explained

Can we make it a congret point that

  1. WHOLESOMENESS:- As one properties of CRYPTO Vs NFT.
    Meaning:- nfts can’t be sold or purchase as fragments
    Buy FT like Tron can be easily be purchased or traded in fragments

Just like BITCOIN… trading it fragments is the 0.00009 BTC called satoshi

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Exactly, mine was in simple terms for newbies :+1:t2:

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I support you on this one

I also supports my investment in
Crypto to Nfts.

With my additional reasons

  1. I can trade crypto at anytime without worrying about liquidity providers, or market makers and takers.

Yes, Binance my best Exchange
But recently I adopted the HUOBI EXCHANGE.

  1. Demand for CRYPTO Vs NFT:-
    I would still love investment in CRYPTO
    The demand for is necessary
    Example I would need TRX for gas fees or freeze to get energy

While that is not a usecase with Nft

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You are right, I have Huobi too with l3 verification plus Dominica Citizenship.

I use binance more because of the support of #P2P. I can use my mobile money to buy and sell anytime. I have seen that feature in Huobi too.
That’s great

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For me it’s Binance any time anyday
It’s P2P features is awesome

That Dominica citizenship I would need some explanation.

You can apply for this on Huobi

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I saw it .
Could understand at glance
Let me get back to it

Thanks mate

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You are welcome brother


I have applied and got the L3 citizen

Everything made easy with few clicks