Properties of CRYPTO Vs NFT

very simple
congratulations bro

Exactly :joy: btw nft’s are not just about art. They can have a lot of different usecases :+1: And NFTFI might be one of the next hyped one.


Oh #NFTFi is coming?
Can you please brief us on that

Thanks for sharing this with us

Yes, I understand the fact that some Nfts not just as arts but with utility behind them.

But I will still prefer CRYPTO.


Let me add this, nfts as a trader can also be good but you have to get in and leave during hype. :joy:
That’s like hit and run :joy:

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Oh my goodness
Did you just say hit and run

Yes what will Happen to those
Who don’t understand this
As Nft traders.

UNDERSTANDING when to enter and leave
Within the hype frame??


Mostly this happens after mint out.
The minters start to hype the project to sell some of the nfts they minted. So I will say the first one month or so. #NFA tho

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But for nfts with utilities, you have to keep them.
Do you know you earned monthly by holding @TuruGlobal nfts?

Staking is available for @TronNinjas and #Tronbies nfts so the longer you hold such nfts the more you earn.

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APY for staking TronNinajs NFT is currently around 25% paid both in TRX and TNT daily.


Each has it advantages and disadvantages. But the advantages of cryptocurrency currently outweighs the advantages of NFTs.

Few NFTs are worth holding as they tend to yield revenue from holding like @TronNinjas and the ones from the camp of @TuruGlobal.

Buying them are easy, selling them are not easy at all. So sometimes it’s preferable to buy crypto which are liquid so u can sell them with ease in times of serious monetary issues.


My @TronNinjas is currently working for me through staking. Earning both :heart_eyes:

@Gordian get yourself one​:point_down:t2::point_down:t2::point_down:t2:

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I understand this concept permit me to use this example

Compare the hype in some Nfts to be like this

Mr 9 is on early minter of a particular Nft
Out of hype he minted free, or even got whitelist for free

From Mr 9 to take project
He will hype the project as Ambassador or active member
Then sell to Secondary buyer

The secondary buyer in high hopes
Buy into the hyped nfts… maybe according to the fancy Nft roadmap.

After much holding.
The hype wash off
And the secondary buyer is left with
A jpeg on a blockchain

Lols… correct me if I’m wrong


Thank you for sharing

Let me check on it.
Staking of NTFS for passive income is good enough.

I just checked.
But I prefer to hold Tron
And probably stake
Than gamble to buy the nft

Exactly, most of the crypto influencers we know are given tokens or receive some of the service fees in tokens. So they shill these hard to sell the tokens their holding. So it’s same…… shill your bags and get liquid

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Nfts with utilities like staking are not gambling
Not financial advice tho

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Estoy de acuerdo contigo, son dos maneras de inversión distintas.
Me llené de NFT de proyectos los cuales fue bastante fácil comprarlos, pero a la hora de vender no está tan asegurado.


I am coming with an idea to make the NFT space more liquid. I might come out with the idea tomorrow. Stay tuned


Alright prof.
Please share with source of idea inspiration

Espero con impaciencia tu idea, puede resultar interesante añadir un poco de liquidez a los Nft y así resulten en estos momentos más atractivos.

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Exactly my line of thinking. I am currently outlining the steps to make this possible. The idea will be made available today

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