Properties of CRYPTO Vs NFT

Perfecto, vamos a ver

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to make nfts more liquid just like #FTs like trx and others?

Yh exactly, an approach to make NFTs as liquid as possible. Preparing the presentation and will drop it here very soon

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good one, waiting for it
we are suffering too much :joy: from these nfts

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I’m just interested in how Nfts
Can be easily tradable like crypto.

This will be a mega breakthrough for nfts

It will only be considered a breakthrough if the owners are willing to adopt and implement it. But since most NFT projects run away with investors funds after minting, it will hardly be a breakthrough but this cant stop us from sharing the idea

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Well said
Lots of Nfts after minting
What next is exist scam

OK let me share this, #P2E nfts can make their nfts done how liquid but they their plans are not helping. If their nfts can have a maximum supply, I believe as more gamers are coming on board the demand of the nfts will be high.

From their side, they will say it will limit the number of users. But I am using one game as an example Devikins from klever, we currently have over 500k nfts, and active players not more than 10k so how can these nfts be sold easily. Each person has more than enough.

So if they can set some maximum supply, this means you can’t mint new ones but have to get some of the already existing ones.

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Read this, it’s something new in nft.
If feature becomes successful I think Minthree will be on :fire: :fire:

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Thanks for sharing.
Waiting for its massive full update
Read it beta version soon

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you can sign up here to join the beta​:point_down::point_down::point_down:

check this out @Gordian
giving value to nfts

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Hello @Gordian and @Prince-Onscolo
I am developer of tokeniz:- giving value to nfts.

Well when we are talking about nfts vs crypto, I have a completely different understanding.

Well according to my understanding NFT is nothing but a ownable ledger entry (transaction)on blockchain which points to some art, music or anything else hosted somewhere.

This is quite beautifully expalained by white board crypto in this youtube video

Well according to this if you were to think its more like antiquees business.

To actually bring nfts to their heights we need to actually provide them with proper applications so they could generate profits from somewhere other than new buyers or funds collected in initial sale. Something similar to link, aave, or any other token having a platform working behind them generating money somehow.

We are trying to generate applications for similar purposes and bring NFTs to greater acceptance.

Please let me know what your thoughts are or if you would like to be part of our journey too.

Please dm if you like to talk more, I would love to discuss a lot


Have you submitted your project for the Tron Hackathon session 4??

I am working on something, but still not sure if I would be able to complete it by the deadline

I am happy you are here. I wanted to ask you about your project…how far with development please?

and could you explain it more to me…
I read some scenario you gave about a friend having some tokens and at some point he wanted to sell them at low but there was no dex listing.

With the scenario you gave, how will your project solve that issue?

I completed most of its functionaliities, it was live and working on polygon for about 6 months until moralis removed support for old libraries, rendering my old code base useless.

I also tried to upload it on tron, but the energy required for every transaction was too high.

Now I am trying to build, all functionalities provided by moralis necessary for this project from bottom up and also optimize my contract to make it energy friendly

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alright thanks for the update, I was going through topics on this forum today and I saw your project

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