Categories of stablecoins. Let share our opinion on the cons and probs of

Happy Sunday Guys
Let get to share our opinion on the available categories of stablecoins.

As it stands,
A stablecoin is a cryptocurrency that attempts to maintain a fixed or ‘pegged’ price in terms of another asset.

Depending on the nature of the reserve asset, or its absence, stablecoins can be classified into primarily three groups

  1. Fiat backed:- use a national currency as an off-chain reserve asset. USDT, for example, is backed by USD reserves that are held by third parties (like banks).

  2. Crypto backed stablecoins:- are backed by other cryptocurrencies as the reserve asset.

  3. Non collateralised Stable coins:- they rely on algorithms to keep the market price stable.

Let’s get to share our view on the disadvantages and advantages of those 3 category of stablecoins .



Can you give examples of two and 3.
I would like to know because for number 3 I wouldn’t want to hold any lol

Good question,
For. CRYPTO backed stablecoins
Good example is the

DAI is pegged to the USD but backed by Ethereum in combination with other crypto worth 150% of the DAI stablecoin in circulation.

And example of algorithm stablecoins

Lols this one is not funny o

TerraUSD (UST) algorithmic stablecoin

Oh I see, I think the one backed with fiat is the best especially US dollars. That’s my opinion

You are correct with your opinion.
Yes I could support the fiat backed and CRYPTO backed.


For the fiat stable coin.
there may be a big degree of centralization involved with fiat-collaterized stablecoins.

I don’t even support the crypto backed :joy::joy:
Do you remember FTX?

Say no more
I recalled the bad FTX EXPERIENCE.

Since you don’t support the crypto backed stablecoins
What do you feel about our over collateralised USDD stable coin?

One thing I like about Justin is that, he is always ready to support any project in times of crises. So his own project I have confidence in it

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Yes I see that supporting spirit in
Our founder
That is we rise by lifting other.

That is together Tron we stand strong

Nice information on stablecoins

Good to know

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Oh welcome mate
Good to have you here
Trust you doing good

Hope you like stablecoins.
You have your opinion to add to the
Categories of stablecoins??

Sure that’s should be the spirit

You are at the right place
Feel at home :heart:

I like the definition given “as it attempts…” attempting does not necessarily mean it should be stable.

Stability is very relative and therefore no currency can ever be considered to be stable if it in comparison with another, you might think dollar is stable, but compare it with pounds sterling and you will see how dollar moves up and down.

You might think pounds is stable but compare it to dinar and see how it goes up and down.

So when any crypto coin goes up and down, ask yourself what are you comparing it to?

As far as i know 1USDT= 1USDT and 1USDC=1USDC


Thanks you for your kind words

Yes the idea of stablecoins is
To be attempted fixed or peg to a greater percentage.

Not a guarantee
As market forces can go against the attempt to peg it

Las monedas llamaremos estables, aunque no lo son, como tu bien dices fluctúan continuamente.
Se las ha denominado así como juego psicológico la palabra estabilidad, a cualquier individuo en su mente le sugiere tranquilidad.


Yh, every asset in cryptocurrency on its own is stable nature, compare it with any other thing and you will recognize its fluctuations.

Nothing is stable in relativity

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Porque se procura crear la inestabilidad, de esta manera se crea una economía a interés de pocos.

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I go with your last word
Nothing stable relatively

Even the state of matter is not stable