Continuation of Voodoo Finance

Continuing the discussion from Voodoo Finance – First algorithmic stablecoin on BitTorrrent BlockChain pegged to the price of 1 BTT via seigniorage:

New Update Guys …
Website Is Ready


si? esperemos que que la moneda estable tenga éxitos.


Why not keep talking on the previous post :thinking:

And please answer the questions from the other post such as


Why the sudden need to continue elsewhere? Don’t you think this will make ur chat not flow in a particular direction.

Is there a reason for the breakoff

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May be the way to promote the project

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I don’t understand the reasoning behind this new thread. Anyway, like @fabsltsa, I’d like the receive a feedback on the questions I asked on the other thread.


Then the approach adopted to promote the project will affect it negatively.


Not Familiar with it didnt know if will create elsewhere …
Will Work On That Chief

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Noted … Will reply every feedback …
Thanks For the support sir

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Ok sir Will reply All Question with immediate effect …
Thanks for your support and advice …

@matias @fabsltsa @Nana66419 @IqraR @Sirluke and every one in the forum Thanks For Every Information
May you be blessed .
One Love … Peace …


Good luck for hackathon

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Espero btt sea la mejor via

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Thanks @IqraR
You are the best…
One Love from voodoo finance

Investigué sobre BitTorrent y creo que traerá más impacto junto con el ecosistema Tron.