Favorite Stable?

What is your favorite stable and why? :eyes:

Don’t say UST haha


so far i use USDT a lot and BUSD, because of USDT is the most pairing people known and i use it for trading, for BUSD sometimes i use it with Binance and Trust wallet…

how about yours ? and why ?

i’m considering going for stable on tron network


USDC since its regulated and have records to prove backing unlike USDT.

DAI or FRAX if I am feeling like a DeFi maxi :stuck_out_tongue:


DAI and RAI. Of the centralized ones, I prefer USDC and BUSD

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USDD because it is new and is giving that early bird offer of 30% APY.

Definitely USDC and BUSD


USDT tether coin for me

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Hahaha definitely not UST :rofl:

I use USDC since it is backed and has a great track record

USDD from Tron Blockchain :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: it’s fast and cheap

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Hola si opero en Tron USDD, sino BUSD o USDT

I think it’s definitely USDT :slight_smile:

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What about TUSD and USDC?


Hola, no los suelo usar

Tether as long as it does not implode

My favorite is USDD. I have deposited in WARP :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

I vote for USDD :wink: Go tronix

Usdt and dai i love them both

BUSD is my goto stable coin at the moment