Question on USDD

I’ve seen a lot of news and opinions on USDD in the past few weeks, both positive and negative.

Wanted to hear from actual users their opinions and experiences👍


from what I’ve heard it’s prob fine as long as it grows really slowly. otherwise, it could be another UST :confused:

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Have a look at this

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Hey I wrote this wonderful piece! :rofl:

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The only thing you have to worry about is when USDD changes with its public mechanism in November. Then that leaves it open to issues. I will be watching it closely to see how it develops and what Safety measures they put in place.

100% they will add things.


Take a look at the WARP by USTX. Allows you to maximize returns on USDD. You can find in this Hackaton season.


otra version usd que no se sabe como terminara

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hmm, looks cool but gonna have to read about it some more

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