Properties of CRYPTO Vs NFT

To project actually allows users to actually mints a nft which works as a temporary wallet for trc20 tokens.

So user could mint those nft add the unlisted tokens to the nfts (wallet) while minting and list it on any nft marketplace of his choice. Then tokens in the wallet will be shown as attributes of the nft

Then other person can buy the nft from minter againts the trust for the marketplace, similar to a nft transaction.

Thats how it works. want to streamline it a lot, but falling short on time and resources :grin::grin:

OK so with the scenario you gave, how many people will prefer to buy nfts with a token which worth nothing (no listings) especially if the token added to that nft serves as a utility or a reason why someone would like to purchase that nft?

but it will work perfectly if tokens added have value. If will be a great gift to give.

So I hope you get good partners like @turuglobal @TronNinjas @JustMoney and the good projects on tron

Ok let me give you an example.
There was this hype last year in india for a coin named bigbull their ICO was like.
They sold some tokens to private investors, then started selling 1bigb =1 inr(indian rupee)
After every 10000 or some tokens were sold they increased offer price by 0.15inr(approx dont know what the correct increase was) so people who got in early will have a benefit.

The ICO process was meant to last for approx 3-4months. By 2nd month the offer price was approx in the range of 30inr

But people who got in early and brought at 1inr wanted to cashout and ready to sell it for as low as 15inr half the offer price and people were willing to buy from these sellers.

But there were many scams happening like duplicate coins being sent or issues which occur in p2p transactions and buyers will take the coins and ghost out and vise versa, simply trust issues.

If this application would have been around then it could have been a application for that.

Btw we are providing application to our nft based project, as those people were to use our product for this application, they would be paying something for this. Thus getting money into the project itself from outside. And given time we could think of creating multiple business models accordingly

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oh okay I get now, great idea…
You said you have started it again from scratch right?

Alright all the best
We will having session 5 HACKATHON hopefully
Stay alert

Good one mate
Please how will this feature help enhance
Easy selling of minted nfts?

By started it from scratch I mean I am trying to remove most third party provided tech, and trying to create a self built workaround for them

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As of now what has been implemented only converts the nft to sbt after funds are removed from them.

But I have a roadmap plan for tokeniz, as I also launched web3 scheduler, for users to schedule transfer of these as well as other nfts at specific time in future, some thing similar to chain links upkeeps but more focused on end users rather than developers.

**(Project for season 4)
Next step is to create an ICO platform where new tokens could be launched which could utilize tokeniz as a way to distribute their tokens with a lockin period.

You might have seen token pricess going down as soon as trading starts or new coin is listed. As people who brought them at some initial auctions at some discount or as airdrop want to cash out as soon as listing happens.

Now with our ico platform the coin team can add a lockin period where users could buy tokens for a discounted price, only they could sell it only after a specific time. Plus these nfts could then work as a token showing who were the first supporters of the project, and thus ico team could provide first adopters with many benefits. And if required users could sell these nfts for some crypto in exchange for those rewards.

In the last phase sometime in future, limit the number of nfts mintable to a specific value lets say 1000000 and you would have to buy these tokeniz nfts to from our marketplace to use it for any of above application and thus incrreasing its value.

We can also implement a system to record the usage history, so we can have a tokeniz which was 1st nft to deliver xyz token and is receiving 1% from profit earned by them. Or we can have other tokeniz which was used by some actor to gift first crypto to his son. So if they carry this history off usage they will be of antiquees value which the nfts which are circulating nowadays are using

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Looking good

Please, is it not possible to use an existing Nft laundpad to build on.
I mean collaboration with an existing Nft laundpad project?

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Can you help me get in touch with someone,
I would love to collaborate, can you also help me find a project based or part time remote web3 developer role

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Please you can get in contact with @justrugnft
They have a ready Nft laundpad to collaborate with.

Sure I will ping him ASAP

You on telegram?

Would you need other assistance or collaboration let work it out

a question for you @Gordian
how far with the palm tree project

I’m not directly involved i
Just recall it’s laundpad
So I had to recommend

Secondly since collaboration is part of Hackathon

hahahaha I am not saying you are part. but can see you have it as dp on telegram and have see. your messages on their group so I thought you are very close and since you are a Nigerian too.

I thought you monitor that project

Just an active member there

I actually minted it too
Made it my DP

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oh OK, but do you have any update from them

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the making progress in Telegram group