What are the pros and cons of hackathons?

As a developer, is it really necessary to showcase your talent and skills in hackathons.?

What are the benefits that are gotten from hackathons aside monetary gains to help you develop your project further.


This really nice and amazing

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Hola, el beneficio mayor que te puedes encontrar es el poder presentar un proyecto que la gente lo conozca y sentirte orgulloso de tus avances, haber crecido en tu campo y considerarlo como un reto personal, lo monetario es un buen complemento a lo anterior.


Guau, eso es maravilloso, espero que los proyectos aprendan mucho durante los hackatones

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The first gain is the visibility since you have the opportunity to showcase your project to the community and some big actors of the industry. The second one is to gather your community around an event. It’s kinda helping a community to become a real group. The hackathon is also the occasion to meet other builders and a lot of nice people you wouldn’t have met otherwise.

Those who are focused on the money are missing the essential.


Wow thats very insightful, i hope everyone who participate in this hackathon sees it from this perspective. It will help them achieve organic growth in the long run.

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Exactly, the money is important.

But it can’t beat the visibility and the chance to meet others

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This really nice and amazing :face_with_monocle: :face_with_monocle: :face_with_monocle:

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