What are the pros and cons of hackathons?

As a developer, is it really necessary to showcase your talent and skills in hackathons.?

What are the benefits that are gotten from hackathons aside monetary gains to help you develop your project further.


This really nice and amazing

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Hola, el beneficio mayor que te puedes encontrar es el poder presentar un proyecto que la gente lo conozca y sentirte orgulloso de tus avances, haber crecido en tu campo y considerarlo como un reto personal, lo monetario es un buen complemento a lo anterior.


Guau, eso es maravilloso, espero que los proyectos aprendan mucho durante los hackatones

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The first gain is the visibility since you have the opportunity to showcase your project to the community and some big actors of the industry. The second one is to gather your community around an event. It’s kinda helping a community to become a real group. The hackathon is also the occasion to meet other builders and a lot of nice people you wouldn’t have met otherwise.

Those who are focused on the money are missing the essential.


Wow thats very insightful, i hope everyone who participate in this hackathon sees it from this perspective. It will help them achieve organic growth in the long run.

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Exactly, the money is important.

But it can’t beat the visibility and the chance to meet others

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This really nice and amazing :face_with_monocle: :face_with_monocle: :face_with_monocle:

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  1. Innovation and Creativity: Hackathons encourage participants to think outside the box, fostering innovation and creativity. Participants often come up with unique solutions to problems.

  2. Skill Development: During a hackathon, participants can improve their technical skills, problem-solving abilities, and teamwork. They are exposed to new technologies and tools.

  3. Networking: Hackathons provide opportunities to network with like-minded individuals, including potential employers, mentors, and collaborators. Building a professional network can be invaluable.

  4. Practical Experience: Hackathons offer hands-on, practical experience. Participants work on real-world challenges, gaining practical knowledge that may not be available in a classroom setting.

  5. Fast-Paced Learning: The time constraints of a hackathon force participants to learn quickly and adapt to new situations. It’s an excellent way to accelerate learning.

  6. Projects for Portfolios: Successful hackathon projects can be added to portfolios or resumes, demonstrating practical skills and problem-solving abilities to potential employers.

  7. Problem Solving: Participants develop critical problem-solving skills, which are highly valued in the tech and business world.


  1. Intense Pressure: Hackathons are often high-stress events, which can be mentally and physically taxing. Participants may experience burnout.

  2. Lack of Sleep: Many hackathons are overnight or multi-day events, leading to sleep deprivation, which can negatively impact health and performance.

  3. Short-Term Focus: The time constraints of hackathons can encourage quick, short-term solutions that may not be sustainable or scalable.

  4. Competitive Environment: Some hackathons have a highly competitive atmosphere, which can be intimidating for newcomers or less experienced participants.

  5. Limited Scope: Hackathons may not allow participants to delve deeply into a problem or explore all potential solutions due to time constraints.

  6. Exclusivity: Some hackathons may be exclusive, limiting participation to certain groups, which can create a lack of diversity and inclusivity.

  7. Burnout: Prolonged participation in hackathons without adequate rest and self-care can lead to burnout and negative health effects.

  8. Intellectual Property Issues: Depending on the rules and terms of a hackathon, there may be uncertainties regarding intellectual property rights for the developed projects.


Until you pointed that out i’d not even think about the cons man but thanks for blowing it🫡


Yes I totally agree I was just thinking about it loudly on other section and its nice to see projects will be motivated and next season there will be more and more teams will participate bc its so valuable that the projects have variety among each other


Good you made this clear, but I just got amazed by the cons of HACKATHON.

Aside from intense pressure
Short term focus
Competition environment. Which I can understand with.

For lack of sleep and burnout.
Some other conditions of life can put one into this.


Burnout is the worst experience anyone has to go through. U become demotivated and you shun away from the thing that burnt you out entirely.

I nearly burnt out when my workload as a teacher kept increasing day in day out and the salary became constant. No motivation whatsoever


The worst in burntout is when it’s not equal to your Income or networth.

You will just feel like … Let me end it.

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My honest opinion about burnout is a little bit different. In Asian countries you don’t see much often or doctor doesn’t give you report for off days. Its more of a European invention In Asia you just take some minutes off and go back to work…


Oh wow what a different approach.
Over you work it out till the burnout run away from your body and system… Mostly will land in hospital.

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Yeah totally agree about that in here my workers are always taking days off because they have burnout after some point it loses its real reason.


Phantom came into existence only after Solana hackathon, these hackathons have so many potential project submissions which when provided support can become pretty big, in a way bringing more traction to the ecosystem itself.

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Oh it’s a German/Dutch thing :rofl:


Well although some people are just faking their illnesses it’s a huge problem for those who are suffering in real life and hope you are treating your workers well and equal my friend :smiling_face:

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