What might be the reason to present two project in one hackathon

I have realised some team bringing two projects to the hackathon in different categories.

My question is what will make a team present two projects in one hackathon.


Why not? :joy:
If you have 2 great products that you want to introduce them it’s ok as long as the products are different ^^


Hola, me parece perfecto siempre que los proyectos sean de valor.

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Two great ideas can be pushed forward at a time

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Sure two different products can be introduced as long as they have different ideas…

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:rofl::rofl: i was thinking, why not perfect the first idea, present it first and when there is another opportunity for a next hackathon, u will get ample time to also perfect the other idea and present it too.

But i guess they can do it now whiles its still hot :blush::blush:

Thanks alot, so far as its not against the rules of engagement in the hackathon. Then i am cool with it. I thought it was prohibited.

Ok, it makes alot of sense then. After all too much meat does not spoil soup.