What is EIP6834 and how does it help prevent offline signature NFT scams

EIP-6834 is a proposal for Ethereum Improvement Proposal, which aims to increase the security of NFT (Non-Fungible Token) transactions. It helps prevent “offline signature” scams by introducing a new format for signatures that includes the chain ID in the data being signed. This way, the signer can ensure that the transaction is going to the intended chain and prevent replay attacks. The chain ID is included in the signature data to prevent malicious actors from using a signature from one chain to fraudulently execute a transaction on a different chain. By including the chain ID, EIP-6834 helps prevent “offline signature” scams and provides a more secure mechanism for NFT transactions on the Ethereum network.


Can this proposal be applied to the Tron network? And how feasible is it?

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EIP-6834 is a proposal to enhance the security of NFT transactions on Ethereum by including the chain ID in the signature data to prevent “offline signature” scams and replay attacks, ensuring that transactions are executed on the intended chain.


EIP 6834 is a proposal in the Ethereum ecosystem known as “Allow reading the return data of a call with an arbitrary length”. It is a proposal to modify the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) to allow a more efficient and effective way of reading the return data of a contract call, by allowing the caller to specify the length of the return data they expect. The EIP was accepted and implemented in Ethereum in 2021.