What is the most interesting thing you want to discuss with the community?

What topics do you have in mind that would be great to discuss with the community and haven’t had a chance yet ?
Type your concepts and ideas here. And we will discuss further as a community. :sunglasses: :heart: :raised_hands:


Nice question! :wink: I would probably love to discuss about how to remove toxic people from your life.


Removing toxic people from your life isn’t always easy, but sometimes it’s the best thing you can do for your mental and physical well-being.They make you feel so bad about yourself that shame drives you to engage in destructive behavior. Interacting with someone like that can be emotionally abusive.
Removing a toxic person from your life is a difficult process that can leave you feeling a lot of negative emotions.
It could be possible in both spiritually and physically.
First we talk about how we physically remove them from our lives.
You don’t have to freeze your thoughts about them in your mind. You will be able to let them know how you feel.The most important thing is to create strict boundaries between you and them.It may be difficult in the beginning but with time it will help you to find your own inner peace.
Stay away from them in all physical and social ways.Focus on your goals and focus on a fixed point in your life.Then you would be able to going away from that bad time and improve your life in side.Always spend some time with positive people. You may have seen some people who are happy without many physical needs.When living with positive energy it will bring positive attractions into your life.Make a good friend who will help you in every situation. Do not compare with him in appearance.Sometimes some people have good qualities that we don’t expect.Make a friend to always talk to. Spend time with them. It will ease your difficult times with dtoxic people and take your life to a better place.

Life is just a short journey.You don’t have to create anger, tension in your life.We can find our inner peace and strengths.Once we find our inner peace and our inner strengths, you can’t worry about anything. You can always move from the middle path in any difficult time.Prepare your mind physically as well as spiritually.Learn to connect with nature and its attractions.It will lead you to overcome all difficulties and find your inner peace with joy and happiness throughout your life.

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Very well said…yes life is so difficult lots of obstacles we will encounter in our journey but life is so beautiful…especially when we are surrounded with our loving family friends and loved ones…such an inspiration to be with all energetic and positive people towards life.


My favourite topic is to discuss mental related issues


Projects that are not just pump & dump…projects that are more long term investment wise not just for the hype…yes we do know projects are hard to sustain but if you see projects that are not stopping to innovate & earn you little by little tou know thats a good project not just a short term thing…


@SanaIrshad Sounds cool. :star_struck: Share some interesting stuff with the community. They will engaged with you for further discussion. :raised_hands:


Well, I wanted to appreciate the great minds behind this hackathon. Their innovation is definitely life changing and I would like to discuss a lot of things with them to inspire others.


@ROBERT31 Appreciate about your complements. :heart: So It seems as very interesting topic to discuss. :star_struck:
What do you have in mind to make the project successful? How do you make a project successful? :thinking: :raised_hands:


Very well said. :clap: I hope a lot of user can see this so they will get inspired too.


Well said! I agree with you.

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I like programming but finding it hard to study it. Like my brain doesn’t want to accept it but my spirit is willing


I appreciate this community!!!


Wow, this is very well said. to be honest, I don’t even recognize toxic people in my life. It’s just there are some people who give me stress but still consider them important to my life. I don’t know how to cut them off since most of them were my family members.

I was raised to be independent so I matured early and I always depend on myself. But there are times that I need someone to hear me out or someone to lean on but they always say that I can do it on my own.


@knelly At first it was the same for everyone. But don’t lose your interest in the basics. Always try to do agin n again. Then it will become familiar to your mind. :wink: :v:


Great post idea :slight_smile: too often we focus on only crypto but we need to remeber and focus on mental health as well


@CarolinaP This is not just about discussing mental health. You can discuss whatever you want that is good for the community. :blush:

i am also agreeee here

Do yall think bottom in the broader crypto market is in, or we heading lower?

Great post idea too often we focus on only crypto but we need to remember and focus on mental health as well