Withdrawn project

Ok is there any limitations in using zkVault for account security?

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Thabk you for giving this detailed explanation on the chances of users retaining control of their assets in the case of loss of device to verify ownership of assets. From this response I understood that it’s not within the powers of you and your team to provide alternative means of asset ownership verification in the case of device loss, but the MFA provider shoulders this responsibility. I hope this is correct?

Again, is there any measure you’ve put in place to ensure that locked assets in the zkVault doesn’t lose it 1:1 asset peg?

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Discovering the project and I had a question. Not sure if someone asked before.
Usually hackers don’t access a wallet and try to swap assets before withdrawing.
They first drain the wallet content. Then they have the time to swap and move it to cex.

If my wallet is drained, I’ll lose my z tokens. Then how do I get back the original assets?? I could pass the identification process, but still… the z tokens are missing since the wallet was drained.


awesome project keep going best wishes!

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hehehe true ooh, you lose it the scammer too cant claim it so it will be pure wickedness lol.
needs more explanation


Thank you for this detailed answer on how zkVault will ensure the seamless integration of various MFA providers within its smart contract framework. I will like to know the benefits that the IMFA interface provide for zkVault’s MFA system, and how any MFA smart contract can implement this interface

Not a good look at all to stall in responses when you already made an initial entry into the Hackathon, 10/11 days for reply is quite a long time, irregardless of the fact that I get it how you may be occupied with irl duties.
Now moving forward, given your current concentration on developing zkVault, it’s natural that you’d like to save legal and regulatory worries for later.

Given that zkVault works with digital assets and mirrored derivatives, it is critical to assess compliance with financial legislation in applicable jurisdictions. This includes regulatory obligations for securities, anti-money laundering (AML), and know your customer (KYC).
How do you intend to address these regulatory concerns as you move forward?

That was a great idea but now I see that you have decided to not compete for this hackathon due to lack of time?

To be sure you are aware of this, you just have to present a MVP on testnet for May. The final product can be launched on mainnet until June 28 if my memory is good.


what do you mean? You have decided to withdraw you have more than a month


oh oh Zkvault why, you still have long time to build this.
almost two months to complete, still you cant finish?


Thanks for letting us know. We understand that time constraints can be a challenge, all the best


Am so sorry about this. Looking forward to seeing your project in the next Hackathon.


Oh man it’s a pity, but I think you don’t have to give up this time I believe there is still time for you to put things together, there is really no harm in trying


We wanted to answer your last question to tie off our participation.

In this tight timeframe, the product is more important to us than delays in response, particularly for questions we have answered previously. If there were a community that we were managing, this would be different, and maybe then your overbearing and frankly artificial concern would be reasonable.

To address your persistent query, you have asked what is essentially the same question four times now in this forum. Your most recent iteration of it, in particular, has soured our otherwise very positive engagement with the forum.

For the final time, this product category already exists without the security implementations, and we will address any legal concerns following significant traction through legal counsel when the expense and time investment is justified.

Our delays are due to the organizers refusing to address concerns about TronSave and their submission to the Web3 track.

We apologize to those who have supported our project and have cheered us on. With everything above in mind, we are withdrawing and kindly request the organisers to remove our post.

Please contact us at @zkpservices on Twitter if you have any further questions or are interested in Zero Knowledge Proofs.

Thanks all!