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Season 6 loading…:fire::fire::fire:


Id like to note here on Season six, from event horizon, gravitational harmonic. Variable: undefined / NAN. How much you all actually know about AI because im pretty sure:
That was me.
(“I am”+(‘Terminator’).on _laser([disk]).at(mfkerrors));

O and another thing, your little planet here,… expect it to detonate in <50y Little mangs, not my fault its your radical uraniam industrialisation age, lets make it quick and dirty…

LFG!!! We are Hacking all night!

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Hacking all night? I hope not the bad or negative hacking. What I know for hackathon like this for for developers to build and develop and manage their projects. Please correct me if I’m wrong and not hacking

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Amazing season 6 booting

Dear @admin.hackathon Hello, I want to ask about the Integration category, does that mean we have to have a previous Web3 project outside Tron then we integrate it into Tron or can it be a Web2 project that will be integrated into Tron?

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Ready to rock… :sunglasses: … lets fly to the moon … :rocket:


Welcome to the forum. Stay active

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Thank you… Lets do the best :+1:

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Someone has already replied

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Hi! I want to ask where should I request for adding me to the hackathon group for S6?
I’m new to the DAO but I surely want to contribute here to my best.

You are welcome to tron, you can tag the admin they will attend to you. Looking to see your best here. Thank you

you need to register on Devpost.

Welcome mate

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Hello, I am a full stack dev, can I join the forumn to enter hackathon


You welcome, yes you can give a try and register at.

I welcome everyone to Season 6 HackaTron, both devs and community members. Let’s bring the best of blockchain in this hackathon

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Hi, I need to know how to create a Project post for the Hackathon. I am not shown with any option to create a post.

Kindly register here

Ya i have already registered in devpost and given my tron forum id there.