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waiting to check out thisyear’s projects man…

Is it too late to join the hackathon? Found out too late :frowning:

@HackerSkill, good morning friend

There are still 9 days left to send submission, not late. Still better to be quick, good luck :crossed_fingers:

There will be another one. This one is Season 6.

excited to be here, joining with my team. hopefully win

How can I share my project and updates on this forum

When will my hackathon group request processed? Need to submit my project ASAP

Happy to be here. The content here looks so informative.

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Indeed it is. Good to have u here.

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Parece que si tienen una buena idea. Pero creo que en éste momento el metaverso no está en un punto de adaptación suficiente como para tener algo interesante en ese mercado. Pero por algo se tiene que comenzar :fire:

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@antonio if you are still online in forum, spanish friend has arrived here :laughing:

It’s been awhile we haven’t heard from our friend. I just hope all is well with @antonio

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ahahah last seen July, 2023. Maybe he is discovering new places. Let’s see if he gonna come back this season or not next days

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Yes, it’s been such a very lond day without him here. Not just this season, he didn’t participate in the precious season either. We just hope to see him back in the coming days

Excited to see what this season has in store.

Hi everyone. We’ve built: dCharacter.AI. We allow creators to build their own fun AI characters with just a few clicks :art::robot:. Our marketplace is currently growing with different characters created by multiple creators. Do try them out and have fun! :tada: Cheers!"

Hi everyone! :tada: We’re adding new and fun characters to our marketplace. :rocket: Do give them a try and let the adventures begin! :smile::sparkles:

Bro very bad ui of this forum, I cant find how to post🙂

Congrats for all the selected projects.

Place your votes, please! :game_die::ballot_box: There are really nice projects/teams like Babyturu and Justmoney. My favourites! :star_struck:

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