Acquiring Trust Level 1

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Hola, creo que la información aquí añadida es muy correcta para las personas que empiezan, de todos modos si te interesa estar en este foro y la red de Tron, el nivel1 vendrá por sí mismo.

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I have done all step but didn’t get level up

You already have the Trust Level 1 Basic Badge

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This will really help me get this faster. Thanks for this

@admin.hackathon write here, because I can’t write pricate messages.
From my summary I’ve already done all activity required for Basic trust level. But didn’t get it. Can you help me?

helpful details, thanks a lot king u dropped this :crown:

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@admin.hackathon still need help :neutral_face:

If you need help with acquiring level 1, you need to spend time and read up more project posts and leave valuable comments. This is to prevent people from simply spamming to reach the required level to vote. Take your time and go learn about more hackathon projects :wink:

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Like the site navigation is so stressful and cumbersome mate. Very very cumbersome :frowning:

Great and simple info

I think it is great system to avoid bots!

Lets keep go for the trust level!

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Very useful post. Thanks