Anime & Manga Recommendations

Have a nice weekend everyone,

I work as a PHP Developer in Poland and follow the forum regularly. Sometimes, when I get tired of work and energy, I try to turn to new activities.

I was previously following the Vagabond manga and Dragon Ball anime. Now I want to discover new ones.

If you have suggestions that are full of surprises and have solid stories, I would like to hear them. In this way, other anime & manga loving friends in the forum will find each other :orange_book: :tv:


Try Hellsing and Death Note.


Hi @leohymon,
As @HODL said Death Note is amazing. You should try it.

Moreover, I suggest Vinland Saga. Definitely masterpiece.


What is Abby’s 2017. I searched but couldn’t find anything :thinking:

You can try abyss 2017

Such a fun topic hahaha go and try all

The Big Three Of Shonen Animes:
“One Piece”, “Naruto” and “Bleach”

The Big Three Of Seinen Manga:
“Vinland Saga”, “Vagabond” and “Berserk”

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Choose one at same time !cause they are so long. One piece now has over +1000 episodes