Game suggestions for our Forum

Happy weekend Tronics in the forum.

Once again congratulations to all the S4 Hackathon winners.

I would like to rekindle one of my suggestion for the need for
Games in our Forum, as this I think would help keep the forum bit engaging during this end of session HACKATHON, while awaiting next.

Games like quizzes( about Tron or general Crypto knowledge)

@Youngyuppie could you help suggest others

@admin.hackathon @TronLive

Just a suggestion.


Hola, ya hace tiempo que se han sugerido varios temas, ahora no depende de nosotros, es cuestión de quién organiza el foro lo implante.


Yea I recall about our various suggestions then.
Just as maybe a form of reminder.
All the best

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The games will be integrated but it will take time. I am sure the team has not abandoned this idea but they are just putting things in place to make it possible oneday.

As we say, it is easier said than done :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses: but it will definitely be done. Fingers crossed

Long day buddy.
How going on
Seems you bit busy?.

Yes, From the voice of my favourite late rapper JUICEWRLD…
Easier said than done.

I totally believe the team still have all our suggestions in plan

It might take time.
But the important and most necessary ones will be done.

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Not that busy, just having charger problems. It takes several hours for the phone to charge to capacity and the least contact with the charger it stops charging. So things make slow for my end.

I need an original iPhone charger, the ones sold around nearly spoilt my charging system.

Ops sorry buddy.
Accessories like that could be a problem if you step on bad one