Are you a Tron OG?

During the 2018-2019 era, there were projects out there on the Tron blockchain that were scamming uninformed investors and newbies. I was a victim if you care to know :rofl::rofl:

Do you remember some of them, here is a list of the ones that stole all my hard earned trons.

  • Tronnex
  • Bank of Tron
  • TronBank
  • WellRoi
  • Lionshare Tron
  • ForsageTron
  • Autoxify

The list continues, if u remember some you can add them to the list, thats is the good old days :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Hola, no yo no fui estafado por los proyectos mencionados, pero a d穩a de hoy nadie se salva en sus principios de una estafa o robo en su billetera. De momentos como estos se aprende a tener otras perspectivas.

Eso es genial, ese tiempo fue peligroso. Pero ahora que lo s矇 mejor, puedo detectar f獺cilmente un proyecto de estafa.

Asi es, tienes que caer para poder levantarte, eso te da experiencia

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Wow, a lot of people have lost a lot to scams in crypto

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Hahhah a newbie tried introducing me to a telegram bot that was supposedly doubling thw amount of trons sent to the bot. I warned him it was a scam, he never listen. The rest is history :rofl::rofl:

Exactly, experience they say is the best teacher.

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I have two more projects to add to this.

Have been a victim too

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Hahhaha its always easy to fall prey to quick money schemes. The scammers knows this human nature called greed and capitalize on it to their benefit.

Crypto GREED

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Hahahaha :rofl: we learn the hard way

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Honestly, I dont wish to learn via the hard way anymore