AssureDocs by Team Pynodes: Generate and Validate docs seamlessly like never before

Project Name: AssureDocs
Project Track: Ecosystem
Team Name: Pynodes
Team Member(s): 2 members, arv31

DevPost URL: Arunava Barua's (rahulbarua31) software portfolio | Devpost

Project Goal: Build a robust and secure application for batch document generation and verification with low gas and faster transactions.

Project Info:
pdf page 2.pdf (5.2 MB)

Project Website:

Project Test Instructions:

  1. Get credentials for generation.
  2. Input excel sheet and document template.
  3. Drag and drop the headers to desired location.
  4. Click next and drag and drop the CID generated.
  5. Generate and relax while the downloading takes place.

For Verification,

  1. Click on Verification
  2. Enter the CID and click verify.
  3. If document exist, download the document.

Project Details:
We have build this product keeping in mind the large number of forgery in the document space. Our application is the one stop solution for batch document generation as well as verification from the chain with minimal to no transaction fees.
It is completely a beginner friendly application who do not have any idea of web3 and blockchain in general. We have build an underlying protocol that allows user to use our app without setting up any wallet or gateway to interact with on chain data. We made the transition from web2 to web3 seamless and frictionless for the users.
We have minimal UI and advanced features like drag and drop custom document generation that enables a better user experience.
Our system allows multiple document generation at the same time which eliminates a lot of human effort and saves time and energy. It takes approximately 10 to 15 seconds in average to upload around 20-30 documents on chain and IPFS.
Verification process is instantaneous and allows users to verify for physical tampering and download it if required. Verification process undergoes a lot of hashing techniques to verify the authenticity of the document before it is presented to the verifier.

Project Milestones: A user can generate and upload as many documents as they want within few seconds and be absolutely sure no future tampering can be done. Verifier can validate certificates and be sure of its authenticity. It is the best tool for employees, students and as well as employers. It removes all the forgery taking place in today’s system.
We are preparing to collaborate with government institutions to launch our application as it is a high demand product. We are already getting good responses and interests from colleges and are preparing to approach to incubators and accelerators in India soon.




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